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by Briareos (#46611387) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

Did you know it took 10+ years for Mozilla to fix the alert() denial loop []? That bug is older than Mozilla itself, and the most obvious fix of "checkbox to stop further dialogs" was dismissed as a hack (compared to the destructive hack of force-killing Mozilla.)

Yeah, and it should be reverted to the prior behavior because it doesn't fix the issue.

Last I checked alert()s were tab-modal in Firefox, so where's the problem?

If you're giving someone an infinite alert loop, then your code is bad or malicious.

Whether it is bad or malicious this "fix" doesn't fix the issue at all. The very same "denial of service" is easily produced by wrapping an infinite loop in a short window.setInterval(...);. Then instead of an alert() popup you get a never-ending stream of "would you like to stop the script?" dialogs. So, if it's a pop-up dialog denial of service attack you're fixing, then that fucking moronic patch, didn't do jack shit, dingus.

That's why the "would you like to stop the script" dialog kills any and all JavaScript running in that tab, INCLUDING your setInterval...

Protip: Application Level Modal Dialogs are the problem -- That they prohibit you from using your browser functions, like the refresh button or address bar, and not just the page itself is the issue.

A "modal dialog" is a DENIAL OF SERVICE to all other application features. The fix should really happen at the OS UI level. Just fire all the UI designers who think modality is grand.

Protip: check to see if the dialog you're moaning about is even still modal before moaning about it. (Hint: it isn't)

Comment: Re:pretty quick on the C++14 support (Score 1) 118

by Briareos (#45922239) Attached to: LLVM and Clang 3.4 Are Out

The NetBeans one only talks about navigation to the declaration of something, which is a very far cry from autocompletion, background compilation for error detection, showing up-to-date documentation etc. that having an AST and other data from parsing a file fully encompasses, and it seems like they use the debug info generated by GCC, but that is neither on-the-fly nor even near the level of detail you get with actually having a parsed representation of all your code available.

The Eclipse one talks about their own implementation of a GCC-syntax-compatible scanner/parser they have implemented because they couldn't reuse the monolith that is GCC to use it to implement all the features I listed regarding NetBeans. They do use GCC for building the executable, of course.

+ - Free open source YouTube-clone alternatives for DIY hosting?->

Submitted by BlueToast
BlueToast (1224550) writes "With the recent waves of content ID take-downs and backlash, what alternatives and options do YouTube content creators have to host videos themselves while still having the user friendliness of YouTube video browsing, channel management, editing, annotations, and highly-compatible automated video transcoding processing?

I like being able to take recordings straight from my phone and camcorder and upload them straight to YouTube and be automatically processed into different quality versions and guaranteed compatibility, but do not have the same experience with DIY self-hosted solutions that often are sensitive to the video format and troublesome to get working in Flash/HTML5-players. I just want to have something as easy to install and configure like WordPress while being as functional and powerful as YouTube and in my full control through my own resources. I have uses for this privately on company intranets and in public on the web."

Link to Original Source

+ - Sourceforge spreading Adware-InstallQ virus

Submitted by rickymoz
rickymoz (533931) writes "To my surprize, when I tried to download the latest FileZilla for Windows (FileZilla_3.7.2_win32-setup.exe), the downloaded filename turned into 'SFInstaller_SFFZ_filezilla_8979715_.exe'. And boom, the anti-virus detected Adware-InstallQ. I've found out that some projects bundle their software with this install-wrapper in order to make some cash, but that was restricted to 'dubious download sites' [ref]. I didn't know sourceforge has now turned into such a filthy dirty swamp..."

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