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Comment Nice to know that this is based on an agreement (Score 1) 220

Further to the point, the March 1, 2010 Registered Apple Developer Agreement is available publicly online and indexed by Google. Most of the points the EFF took issue with were removed due to public outcry years ago. Why is the EFF still referring to an earlier agreement that is no longer applicable?

Comment Nice to know that this is based on an agreement (Score 1) 220

Thank you, I wondered if anyone else would have caught that.

5 years later, Jobs has been dead for over two years, Tim Cook is at the helm, there are open-source apps, and the developer agreement has changed a lot. The "imminent launch of the iPad" has been replaced by "Tablet Sales Growth Plummets In 2014" and we still don't see an EFF app.

I haven't been too worried about it though.

Comment What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 5, Informative) 613

My experiences with systemd have been good and I can see how it can eliminate some of the kludges I've relied on in the past. Rather than have an /etc/init.d/myservice restart all related services to ensure a "clean" environment, I can list dependencies and triggers and rely on the system to do what is appropriate. It doesn't eliminate the ability to create or use System V init scripts, it just provides administrators with an alternative. Given the distribution creators have put a lot of effort into converting their scripts we have a lot of examples to work from. I've been working with UNIX since the 80's and rather than adopt a "get off my lawn" mentality I'm looking forward to embracing solutions to modern problems and see this as a positive step forward.

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