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+ - Microsoft's share suffered biggest crash since 2000 !->

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Microsoft shares hit by biggest sell-off since 2000, $30 billion market cap wiped out

Shares of Microsoft dropped 11.4 percent today, representing the biggest single-day drop in over 13 years. The last time it occurred was on April 24, 2000, when shares plunged 15.6 percent as the world's largest software company locked itself in an antitrust dispute with the U.S. government. Since then, Microsoft has never experienced such a shelling, until today that is. This came after the software company posted dismal quarterly results due to weak demand for its latest Windows system and poor sales of its Surface tablet.

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Comment: Re:Fax (Score 1) 572

by Brewmeister_Z (#41750107) Attached to: What tech would you un-invent?

Amen! I hate fax machines. I cringe when someone says "Fax it to me" in such a way that everyone has that capability. Yes, I do have an all-in-one printer but at time I have not had any landlines or the landline is actually a cable box that is more like VOIP so sometimes it works and sometimes it crashes the box so I quit trying. I usually respond with "Can I scan it and send it as an e-mail attachment?" which usually is replied with a enthusiastic "Yes! Here is my e-mail address."

The fax machine has so many security and quality problems that it is worthless for the casual user. Power users in the legal and medical industries still use it but the truth of the security problems is a nightmare that is ignored just like the stupid social security number problem. Too many powers-players do not want to change since they are complacent with the current systems (since someone else pays the price of the security failure, not the ones mandating it).

Ironically, attempts to use more secure methods are shot down since any security weakness is used to scrap the proposal even though it would be infinitely more secure and require a high degree of technical knowledge to compromise. I guess there is too much money to be made cleaning up messes from info obtained by dumpster diving.

Comment: Re:Translation (Score 1) 866

by Brewmeister_Z (#41686469) Attached to: Parent Questions Mandatory High School Chemistry

Chemistry in college is a cash cow/weed out course for science/engineering students. A 200+ capacity lecture course required in the freshman year. No graded homework, just 4 tests that were all multiple choice (paying TA's to grade for partial credit was not an option). Multiple choice in high school was 4 answers based on 2 obvious wrong, 1 semi-close, and the correct answer; in college, it was the right answer and the 3 most likely wrong answers if you made a calculation mistake or decimal point position error.

This class should be eliminated for college students without a need for chemistry. High school students need it to "get a taste" to see if you have the aptitude and give the basics needed in life when dealing with chemicals whether it be beer brewing, baking, cleaning, and other DYI involving solvents, adhesives, paints, and such.

I do think topics in economics such as how interest on loans work and how to budget should be mandatory. Even teaching algebra in a way that shows its everyday value would be an improvement. High school classes should have a rating of importance to a corresponding aptitude test that would help a student figure out their strengths/weaknesses and then what they should take to fill the voids or expand upon for the area of study that they most likely will pursue in university or trade schools.

Comment: Re:IPs parallel the discoverable world (Score 1) 321

by Brewmeister_Z (#41611443) Attached to: Judge Orders Piracy Trial To Test IP Address Evidence

"Just because its the law, does not mean its right." - cited to unknown (anyone know?)

I say this in response to any half-wit that follows/enforces a law without thinking it through (or at least get a "gut" or "common sense" feeling about it).

Another phrase I hate, but would love to throw back in the face of the speaker, is "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." I would haul in (after failing my test of obscure laws and other obvious violations they make on a daily basis) all the politicians, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, etc. that would have the nerve to utter those words and see how they like being on the receiving end.

Sadly, the only time that may ever happen is near the fall of our various government levels in the USA. Hopefully, under a new and improved system, these type have either met their demise or took the cue from former Nazi war criminals (AKA hiding in South America).

Comment: Re:Slightly off topic..but.. (Score 1) 170

by Brewmeister_Z (#41515727) Attached to: Supreme Court Won't Hear Body-Scanner Appeal

How about federal laws must have at least a 90 day "cool down" period in which the public is able to review the law as passed and a process of immediate appeals can be initiated by the states to force the Supreme Court to review it before any of it can be enforced or enacted. For issues requiring time-sensitive action, involving agencies/departments that handle such things (FEMA, DOD, EPA, etc.), those can have another process to act quickly but then oversee and audit strongly to minimize waste of taxpayer money.

Sorry, that might be too sane and reasonable. Just let the greedy and power-hungry sociopaths continue unchecked...

Comment: Re:Dunno what beef is - already using 8 in product (Score 1) 269

by Brewmeister_Z (#41474575) Attached to: Intel CEO Tells Staff Windows 8 Is Being Released Prematurely

HP driver support for older hardware that is still viable is pathetic. I cannot get a working NVIDIA driver since the control freaks at HP won't let NVIDIA release them directly and I have had poor luck forcing Vista/Win7 64-bit drivers to install and then actually work in Windows 8.

This HP laptop I am using has the touchscreen requiring a stylus and the tracking to the touch point is always off so going to the corners does not work at all so I have to use the mouse or touchpad. That is a big UI failure for this hardware. I suppose Windows 8 could be good... maybe when they do the first first service pack and/or re-release as Windows 9.

Comment: Re:How to decide the fate of helium (Score 1) 589

by Brewmeister_Z (#41430431) Attached to: Scientists Speak Out Against Wasting Helium In Balloons

F@$king mod system, slip of this mouse and modded wrong but no option to change the mod other than piss it away by commenting. This site is coded stupid. I would love to use the slider on my phone's browser too...

Any way, I would love to do the flaming hydrogen balloon release for my boy's birthday. Let's hope for a good wet April next year just in case...

Comment: Multi-functional Space Heaters (Score 1) 204

by Brewmeister_Z (#36856262) Attached to: Why Waste Servers' Heat?

That is what I call my computers sometimes. My office is always the most comfortable room during the cold seasons since that waste heat keep it warmer (and the fact that it is in the upper level of the home). However, in the hot season (now), it is unbearable to work on much in my office. I had 5 computer running yesterday (4 were client computer getting serviced) and it was 85 F in my office with fans going and the AC nearly runs 24/7 lately due to the heat wave. This is a 10 F difference to the middle level where the thermostat is located. This house will built in 1956 and is a partial split level. The office and bedrooms are above a garage and utility rooms on a ground level slab and the mid level is over a crawl space. Poor insulation (by today's standards) in the walls is another factor as well.

Comment: Nice idea but.. (Score 1) 160

by Brewmeister_Z (#36849190) Attached to: Malware Is a Disease; Let's Treat It Like One

This agency would have to have international power and able to act swiftly. It would be nice to see some high profile punishment for hackers on the payroll of organized crime in countries that are weak on enforcement. Maybe we should take a Vegas casino stance on these guys like they do with their cheaters. Have fun with your "1337" hacking skills after someone breaks all your fingers with a hammer.

Comment: I blame Farmville (Score 1) 165

by Brewmeister_Z (#36844320) Attached to: Facebook Is Most Hated Social Media Company

Most people hate all the crap people send out for games that they have no interest in ever playing. I play a few games but hate the aspect where you need to bug other people for stuff. That is a reason many make alternate accounts so they can feed gifts and support to a main account.

Being unhappy with Facebook is probably being from a user being in the category of "just barely able to use it" so these people do not use Firefox with an ad blocker and they can't figure out that they can block Farmville posts from their walls so they instead unfriend someone that is excessive with requests and wall posts.

Facebook is not innocent, their interface changes enough that even savvy users get frustrated and some of the defaults have been something nobody would really want if they understood the consequences.

Comment: Re:Lack of exercise (Score 1) 542

by Brewmeister_Z (#36796730) Attached to: Mass Psychosis In the USA?

True, everyone is out to make a buck. Nutritional supplement makers can't usually corner the market on a product like a big pharma could. Some supplement maker may make a product that is a poor delivery method compared to natural sources or overpriced snakeoil in regards to the benefits. There might be dozens of brands for the same product with quality that may vary wildly.

The big thing to remember is the price difference for some of these products. In my case, $5 for a 3-month supply of vitamin D-3 or $75 of copay to get the equivalent in a big pharma product using prescription coverage. Can't imagine how harsh that would be if I had to pay the full price on some of the meds I have tried.

Comment: Re:Lack of exercise (Score 5, Interesting) 542

by Brewmeister_Z (#36785734) Attached to: Mass Psychosis In the USA?

I started dealing with depression about 10 years ago. I have tried many drugs with little benefit but plenty of the worse results such as weight gain, sexual side effects, and mania. I have been hospitalized multiple times on both sides of the spectrum but nothing was ever stated as a physical cause other than stress.

Only in the past year was a test done to check for imbalances that may lead to depression. It turns out my vitamin D levels were very low. Many people cannot create or absorb vitamin D very well (especially a problem in winter). To treat it, I was told to take 5000 IU of D-3. Guess what, it worked! And within a few days and not 30 days like some drugs that must build up in your body. Now I take a lower dose (2000 IU) as supplement. If I feel a bit off mood-wise, I can take a dose and it makes a difference within 30 minutes. Also, it significantly cheaper. I can get a 100 doses of D-3 5000 IU for $5 or 200 doses of 2000 IU for $6. I would pay at least $25 for a 30 day supply of anything else as a prescription and that is only if my deductible was met.

Big pharma always downplays nutrition supplements (even studies that support it) as natural cures because they cannot patent it and charge $5 and up per dose. That being said, some of these drugs do genuinely help people with certain conditions. The problem is the lack of diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem and just trying to chase symptoms with drugs that create more problems than they may fix and may take a month before any benefit is seen. With depression, that is a long time to basically go without help and subjected to immediate side effects only to make a person feel even worse about life.

Exercise and diet is not downplayed because they know that people do not have the drive, resources and/or time for it be a factor in not needing to take their drug for whatever condition.

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