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+ - MS Ajax library goes Open Source with Mono in mind

Submitted by
Stian Solberg
Stian Solberg writes "Gaia Ajax Widgets is now officially released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Gaia Ajax Widgets is a pure "Hijax library" for ASP.NET 2.0 meaning you don't have to write JavaScript or any other form of client code yourself but use it 100% declarative through adding up WebControls in RAD and WYSIWYG onto your webforms from your toolbox in Visual Studio. To see this live, you can visit some of the tutorials or see one of the many samples (also showing source code).

Our next big step on the release plan is to officially support Mono. Gaia Ajax Widgets supports Internet Explorer and FireFox 100% and Opera roughly 95%."

+ - How do you use your battery?

Submitted by
mcorner writes "As part of a University research project my group is studying, how, when and why users charge their devices (laptops, phones, music players, etc.). We have been looking at this in a variety of ways, including having users install a battery logging tool on their laptops (we have done phones as well). After studying some of the preliminary results we saw that users frequently leave a lot of energy left in their devices when they plug in. So one way of taking advantage of this observation is to try and predict when users will have "excess" energy when they recharge, and use that energy proactively to benefit the user (screen brightness etc.). We have had some success in building such a system. At first blush, many people say: "but I just want my device to use as little energy as possible!", but in reality people are always trying to balance their experience with battery life, and usually are using more than the minimum. At this point, we thought AskSlashdot would be a good place to look for: (i) you opinions on using "excess" energy, (ii) what other things to do with "excess" energy (synchronizing, etc.) (iii) how and when do you recharge your other devices, and (iv) more volunteers for the logging survey. If you are interested in installing our tool (Mac 10.4.x or Windows XP, I promise it is quite innocuous, with source available) please download it and install."
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - One-handed computer control

Submitted by FredDC
FredDC (1048502) writes "I recently injured my right hand, which is my main hand. I only have my left hand available at the moment and offcourse it is now harder to perform everyday tasks. One of them is using a computer, I am a programmer and I'm currently having alot of difficulties getting any work done. Does anyone have any ideas, thoughts, ... on how to make it easier? speed up productivity? ..."

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