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by Brew Bird (#38525440) Attached to: IT Managers Are Aloof Says Psychologist and Your Co-Workers
nothing is wrong with it. but if you can't communicate well, how are the rest of us supposed to know of your awesomeness?
the answer is, we won't, because someone with the same skill set, and better communications skills will drown you out. furthermore, why do you suppose ANY job outside of a code sweatshop does NOT require communications skills. either step up, or set your expectations lower.

Comment: get over yourselves... (Score 1) 378

by Brew Bird (#38525366) Attached to: IT Managers Are Aloof Says Psychologist and Your Co-Workers
how one sided. Every hostile IT shop I have ever encountered is always run by insecure, almost talented wanna-be s, who believe they are so good at what they do, no one would ever understand what it is they do. and 100% of the time so far, they have been completely wrong. as an old boss of mine said "never believe your own press" the best IT shops go out of their way to show the rest of the company the value they bring to the company, in terms everyone understands, and can respect. The one thing these shops have in common is an understanding that what they do is just as an important as what others in the company do, and take an active interest in understanding what it is the COMPANY does. In other words, IT is one of a very few professions where you can be an insecure ass, and still keep a job. So, keep feeding your sense of entitlement. Keep feeling like IT is the most important thing in your company. I promise you, unless your company makes 'it expertise", you are just overhead to the real job being done there. and it may be painful to replace you, but the smarter managers are learning, they don't have to put up with your attitude to get your so-called expertise, when there are plenty of more well adjusted people out there to take your place.

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by Brew Bird (#25987541) Attached to: Who Protects the Internet?
After reading the article, it is quite clear that these folks are getting caught up in their own metaphors. The only reason you need more power is if you need to defend your self from more powerful forces. On the internet, power, while not equally distributed, is far less disparate than in the 'real world'. Why do I need an Army? In case another tribe decides they want to secure a resource I want, or decides to infringe on my territory. What is the equivalent online? Who is this 'defense' supposed to be against? This reminds me of the 'the poor don't have enough on ramps to the internet' argument. Politicians hear that are start crying how we need 'more money for on ramps to the internet for the poor! we need to build more on ramps!' [facepalm] The Internet community does not need an organization to take responsibility for access security. Where would you draw 'the border'? are we gong to build Great Firewall 2.0 for the US? Maybe we are going to start including commercial data as 'in the national interest' and start sending out fighter planes and smart bombs when someone steals a few million credit cards from a data base in the states? The net result of such policies would mean a lot of money for a few people, less flexibility for the day to day users, and less freedom to do as one sees fit online.

+ - ARRL VS FCC over BPL!->

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Brew Bird
Brew Bird writes "From the 'Power Lines are not for Data' department —
This has been going on for years, but it's finally made it to the courts! The ARRL (Ham radio guys for the unknowing) has managed to drag the FCC into court over their 'waiver' that allows noisy BPL operators to pollute the radio spectrum with impunity. Some Broad Band Power Line systems create annoying radio frequency noise that interferes with existing radio gear. The FCC is SUPPOSED to have these systems shut down until they can be repaired, but has been loath to do so. So, After all the proper 'legal' avenues have been exhausted, the FCC has been hauled in front of a judge to explain just why it's 'ok' for the power company to jam radio systems, but no one else can."

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+ - DVD Player Application for Wii Released->

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twistedsymphony writes "Nintendo-Scene has a report up of a Homebrew DVD player application released for the Nintendo Wii. The Application requires the use of a modchip with Dual Layer Disc support. It's basically a stripped down version of GameCube Linux with a DVD player application so you'll also need a Gamecube controller to control the DVD playback.

While this might not be the DVD playback feature everyone was waiting for Nintendo to deliver it certainly proves that it's technically possible to do with the Wii."

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+ - MPAA sues Peekvid, YouTVPC

Submitted by BingCherriesYum
BingCherriesYum (666) writes "The MPAA has decided that Peekvid and YouTVPC are its next legal targets, accusing the sites of attempting to prosper from illegal material. The problem is that both sites only link to where you can find "free" streaming TV and movies; they don't host it themselves. But the MPAA doesn't care, since they are both still making money from the mere existence of illegal videos. The main focus of the lawsuit could come down to how they are financed, according to Ars Technica:

It's no secret in the industry that ads provided by reputable companies like Google and Yahoo commonly earn revenue for sites like Peekvid, and in fact the two sites targeted in the lawsuit both rely on advertising to pay the bills. In a statement, the MPAA noted that the web sites "profit handsomely from a seemingly endless stream of third-party advertising pitches."
If the MPAA wins, then sites like Google and Yahoo might have to more carefully scrutinize each and every site that uses their advertising engines."

+ - So how long before eating is a patented process?

Submitted by dwarfking
dwarfking (95773) writes "The subject line is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the article about a lawsuite of the IP of a salad recipe is either funny or scary, depending on the outcome.

From the article:

But the legal action, one of the first in which a restaurant owner has gone to court over intellectual property, has opened up a veritable can of lobster tails over when culinary influences stray into imitation.

What seems to have upset Ms Charles in particular is Ed's Caesar, a $7 (£3.50) salad that she alleges in the legal action was taken from her own recipe. But Ms Charles acquired the recipe from her mother, who, in turn, wheedled it out of a chef in Los Angeles.

+ - AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2600 and 2400 Cards Launched->

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MojoKid writes "When the Radeon HD 2900 XT debuted, AMD disclosed a some details regarding other lower-end GPUs derived from the R600 architecture. Cards based on the Radeon HD 2600 and HD 2400 series GPUs, as they became known, weren't ready in time to launch alongside the high-end Radeon 2900 XT, however. They're ready now though and HotHardware has a trio of AMD's new mainstream graphics cards shown here in a thorough hands-on evaluation. Looks like these cards aren't going to break any benchmark records."
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+ - Supercomputer On-chip Prototype Unveiled->

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An anonymous reader writes "Researchers at University of Maryland have developed a prototype of what may be the next generation of personal computers. The new technology is based on parallel processing on a single chip and is "capable of computing speeds up to 100 times faster than current desktops." The prototype "uses rich algorithmic theory to address the practical problem of building an easy-to-program multicore computer." Readers can win 500$ in cash and write their names in the history of computer science by naming the new technology."
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+ - Civilization Coming to Consoles

Submitted by syrinx
syrinx (106469) writes "Take Two Interactive announced that Sid Meier's famous Civilization series would be coming to "next generation consoles and handhelds" in 2008. The game, currently called "Civilization Revolution" will feature the return of Sid Meier as lead designer."

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