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Comment Re:Especially since NASA... (Score 1) 200 200


I may be wrong, but I believe the only data point we have on a space shuttle launch colder than 53 degrees Fahrenheit was a shuttle by the name of Challenger, and it didn't fare so well.

I do know that 53 degrees was the coldest launch data they had prior to Challenger...

Comment Re:PREPARE FOR FUNDING! (Score 1) 221 221

No need to sign up - hit the pavement.

You do the marketing and then farm out the tech work to India - that's how it's done these days. Although, people are starting to figure out that they can just cut out the American salesman and go directly to India and save all the American overhead and commissions that just pay for the fancy suits, Exlax watches, and huge CEO salaries.

Exlax watches? Remind me to never ask you what time it is...

Comment Re:Prettier Tool, Old Exploit (Score 0, Offtopic) 140 140

Not redundant mods - Cryacin is one of the (apparently few) commenters who got the Spaceballs reference.

I swear, kids these days... no respect for geek traditions and culture... Bah, now get off my lawn! (-- note to the younglings: this is NOT a Gran Torino reference!)

Emulation (Games)

Emulation For Preservation of Digital Artifacts 81 81

An anonymous reader writes "Author Salman Rushdie donated his papers and notes to Emory University a while ago. Not surprisingly, many of Rushdie's original notes, drafts, and correspondence existed in electronic form. Rather than printing them out or converting them to other formats, archivists at the university created an emulated image of Rushdie's old computer, complete with old software. Researchers visiting the archive can read his email in Eudora and his Stickies notes, or read drafts of his books in ClarisWorks. When you leave your legacy to future generations, would you like a virtualized copy of your personal system to be included?"

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