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Comment: Re:So much for long distance Listening (Score 1) 293

by Brett Buck (#49502213) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

By the way, "lack of distance" has been considered a feature, not a bug, for decades. The current US FM band (87.5-107.9 mHz) was chosen* to minimize "skip" transmission on the earlier, lower, band. This prevents stations from interfering as easily, and thus increases the number of stations permissible in a particular local listening area. There are still "clear channel" 50,000 watt AM stations that occupy exclusive frequencies for the entire country - they were trying to avoid that.

*partly - the other part was marginally a conspiracy to put Howard Armstrong's nascent FM network out of business by making the frequencies it operated on illegal. However, in fact, the lower frequency 42-49 mHz band *did* have the tendency to skip sometimes, and with the superior signal to noise ratio of wideband FM, could sometimes be clearly be heard at remarkable distances - or interfere with local stations at remarkable distances.

Comment: Re:And the Spinning BeachBall of Death? Sad Mac? (Score 1, Insightful) 61

by Brett Buck (#49211363) Attached to: Classic Mac Icons Archive Bought By MOMA

I have used Macs since they existed, and I never once saw the Sad Mac, aside from looking it up, or seeing it in documentation. The spinning beach ball was also exceptionally rare until OS X came along, now you do see that one occasionally.

    On "IBM machines" AKA DOS machines , I have seen xxx failed, Abort, Retry, Fail? almost incessantly. Not artistic, not particular memorable, aside from being drilled into one's head like "Polly Want a Cracker?" is for parrots.

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