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Comment: Talk is cheap (Score 4, Informative) 311

by Brett Buck (#46742841) Attached to: Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

Every few years, one of the Russian aerospace companies presents a new "plan" to go to Mars, colonize the moon, teleport to the Sun (at night, of course), etc. All they need is a few billion or so to get it going. It's slightly more credible that that letter you got from the Nigerian prince.

        I expect that given many tens of billions of dollars, and a few decades, the Russians could manage to do most of these proposals, but there is no intent to actually do any of them aside from a neat-looking study.

Comment: Re:Any chemists want to weigh in?? (Score 1) 256

by Brett Buck (#46702423) Attached to: Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater

Water is hydrogen and oxygen. It can be very simple and you can do it yourself in about 10 minutes. Get two pieces of wire, strip the insulation off of it, connect one to the + terminal of a 9V transistor battery, the other to the - terminal. Pour a drinking glass full of water, put in about a TBSP of salt, stir it up. Then stick the wires, separately, into the glass so they don't touch. Bubbles will appear on each wire, the negative side is hydrogen and the positive side is oxygen.

      This is impractical on the scale that TFA talks about but its already there, all you have to is break it up.

      BTW, putting it back together generates a lot of energy , and water. That's the principle of a hydrogen fuel cell.


Comment: Re:We've gone beyond bad science (Score 1) 703

Well, as a start, the fact that they are faking a fair bit of it and cherry-picking the rest. And that the models suggest something to 3-sigma and it has fallen far out of it to about 6 sigma and shows no sign of taking the expected trajectory.

    Aside from that, not too much, but that seems like a pretty big problem.

Comment: MOD PARENT UP! (Score 1) 125

by Brett Buck (#46465545) Attached to: IAU To Uwingu: You Can't Name That Martian Crater Either

The french have a tradition of making themselves the official arbiters of things they don't actually do anything. See also FAI - Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the guys who required the Neil Armstrong to get an FAI Sporting License in order for them to recognize that the Moon Landings took place "officially"

Comment: Be aware of the consequences (Score 1) 212

by Brett Buck (#46421167) Attached to: Fedora To Have a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" For Contributors

Fine, accept code from foreigners, but be well aware that this will make is certain that it will not be used in many corporate sites. One of the items I have to certify when using open-source in a corporate environment is that there is no foreign content. Otherwise it cannot be used. No one is going to go through the source code from something like OpenOffice and look for malicious code, and show that it does not exist, if it has off-shore content, it will not be used, period.

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