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Comment Re:I practically guarantee you... (Score 1) 135

Uh, underflow/rollover wrecks the adjacent memory? What sort of silly language allow that? Rollover usually results in a -1 turning into some gigantic positive value, not that it starting trying to use additional memory in an attempt to store an even smaller value. Similar with a floating point underflow, except that the ALU detects it (and usually puts out zero, although I don't know what an iPhone processor does).

Comment Again, PR failure but engineering success (Score 3, Insightful) 50

As far as I can tell, the lander worked exactly as intended for as long as intended. It's the extended mission that had issues, and that was always an "if possible"/"best effort" prospect .People are continuing to think that this mission was "troubled" and had a lot of problems but was just good, and they got a second shot - which was a very long shot.

        I am no apologist for the ESA (far from it) but this was a very nice, well-executed program and they shouldn't and the world shouldn't getting a negative impression about it.

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 2) 90

This is exactly right and the "open source community" needs to understand this or they will get nowhere. Even if the MS support is poor (and I assure you, it's generally terrible, even enterprise "platinum"), *nothing at all* or "go ask someone one a message board" is a complete non-starter.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 2) 75

Trane is certainly "focused on technology". Just not computer geek technology. Do you know how to design and manufacture a long-lived air conditioning or heat pump compressor? And successfully and profitable for decades?

      Technology existed before the internet, you know.

Comment Rending of garments to commence! (Score -1, Troll) 75

Oh My GOD! A possibly exploitable-if-you-know-or-bother-to-look-for-it bug in a device that will change the room temperature! On something that doesn't really need to be connected to the internet in the first place, and would slightly inconvenience you if it were pwn'ed! Bring back the guillotine because this is worse than 9/11!

      If you are super-paranoid, just pull the ethernet cable, then you can live your life without the existential dread of coming home to a 78 degree house.

Comment Re:Wait just a minute! (Score 1) 554

It's cute when you can't win the argument and start calling names.

          BTW, I have probably looked at more simulation data than all climate scientists put together and had plenty of opportunity to check simulation results against real life. If the predictions fall out 6-sigma low - which the best-case (lest warming) model did a few years ago - the simulation is wrong, period, back to the drawing board.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 1) 286

If North America got rid of nuclear weapons tomorrow, you would be living in a totalitarian regime in a less than 5 years. You, and the rest of human civilization, still exist because the US nuclear deterrent.

      I am sure you will sputter and argue otherwise, but the reason it bothers you so much is that you *know* that to be true but can't accept it.

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