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Comment Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 390

Well, we have a lot of tech here, that's exported all around the world, so until we are spitting dust, people here will be making money, for now.

People here in Silicon Valley have done their part and let their lawns die, and yet, we don't hear anything about export farms making any sacrifice.
If the powers that be were serious about water conservation, they would tax it, but how would that tax be distributed for residence, agriculture, and industry?

Comment Oracle Happened (Score 4, Informative) 236

Oracle bought out Sun. When they looked at their IP portfolio, they appeared to have lost their minds, and assert their ownership over several open-source projects. Yes, I believe it was some 26 programmers who left Open-Office and started LibreOffice. Then Oracle was falling out of brainshare, and didn't seem want to appear as an orgre, but it was already out of its cave by then.

What happened: Oracle's possessiveness made LibrieOffice into the superior office suite it is today!

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