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Comment Re:Some more analysis links (Score 1) 169 169

The fact that there have been few murders lately means that the prohibition on murder isn't needed. People who don't want to be killed are doing just fine without laws against murder, as evidenced by the fact that they so rarely have to be enforced; we should get rid of them for good.

Comment Re:The cameras do nothing (Score 1) 311 311

Whoa, scary distopian world these cameras will cause! Let's outlaw laws too, since presumably someone could make a law that said you had to hire plumbers from the plumbers union! We should outlaw cops as well, since they might enforce a pro-plumber union stance even if it isn't encoded into law.

Comment Re:Good Call (Score 1) 190 190

>two spaces after the end of a sentence seems to be too much to ask for

Kids don't use typewriters. That rule only applies to typewriters because they are monospaced. Modern typography using proportional fonts is designed for one space after a period. Are you an old grandma?

Comment Re:Republicans are Flat-Earth Economists (Score 1) 658 658

>The other way to put this is that the war lowered components of GDP aside from military purchases.

Why count the military purchases as worth 0? I see why *now*, when our military purchases primarily go towards blowing up brown people, but I don't see why at that point in time.

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