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Comment: Re:essential to know about jQuery (Score 1) 123 123

Given the fact that this is a third-party library that you are unlikely to modify, hosting it on your own servers provides no advantage whatsoever.

Of course it does. It has the same advantages in terms of security and your visitors' privacy as any decision to host your own material instead of quietly using a third party service. Whether you consider those significant advantages is a different question, and whether your visitors would is a different question again, but clearly there is a difference.

Comment: Re:RFCs are not laws (Score 2) 46 46

The market not IETF process decides which protocols will continue to be used going forward.

The market loves when we have formal documents laid down by the Formal Documents People confirming what we've been telling our bosses for years. I would bet large sums of money that some tech, somewhere, just walked out of a meeting happy because he finally has permission to deprecate a long-broken system.

Comment: Re:Goodbye free speech (Score 1) 173 173

Freedom of speech is a government thing.

Court orders to reveal someone's identity are also a government thing.

anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion

And the real courts have fuck-all to do with that. Using them as a tool to out your enemies goes against everything we supposedly believe in.

In this particular case, the business owner believes that the reviews are malicious, fake, the act of a single person, etc. etc.

I "believe" Google should pay me for beta-testing their various products that almost never leave beta. When can I expect the courts to make them send me a check?

Comment: Re:If you're using GPL code, you have no choice (Score 2) 134 134

the GPL is free even for the arseholes. it just doesn't let them be arseholes WITH the GPL-ed code.

GPL = once free, always free. no special privileges for arseholes to make it non-free in future.

The copyright owner/owners can always re-issue under any licence they choose at any time, the only complication that can arise is when there are multiple owners who can't or will not agree to change the licence. This is a problem with the Linux kernal because there have been so many contributions that have been added and removed over the decades that no one knows who all the copyright owners are.

Comment: Re:The problem... (Score 1) 170 170

you shouldn't show speed,

Different people obviously have very diffferent requirements. In the UK, you can be fined huge amounts of money for a small excess of speed, so speed is important. If you are an older driver, the time taken to refocus from the dashboard to infinity (or vice versa) can be very long. However, spotting moose or crazy drivers is probably automatic (not that there are many moose on the road in the UK).

The question is, is it better than people at spotting small children running out from behind stationary buses?

If not, then it should avoid attempting to spot any problem, as it will lead to drivers relying on it the way they rely on satnav instead of knowing how to get anywhere.

The driver should be able to decide what is critical information. Since it is possible for the driver to change frequently, this needs to be set every trip, and probably needs to default to no info at all, as some people wont be familar with it. In which case it will probably rarely be used and can be safely junked. Your Moose May Vary.

Comment: Fun places to watch fireworks (Score 1) 125 125

Your own front yard, or back yard, or the street, of course, preferably with illegal fireworks. Or the beach. As a friend put it, for any holiday celebrating the overthrow of the government, the question of whether your fireworks are legal simply shouldn't come up.

Most of California's way too dry to allow the things, but there's one town near San Francisco (Pacifica) that's always wet enough they're not worried about moderate levels of fireworks, so the local fire department sells them, and you're allowed to set them off down on the beach, and in practice locals also set them off on the street. Several friends have lived there, and we've had a few good July 4th parties and a Canada Day party (too foggy, but lots of fun; it's July 1, and it was the weekend that year.)

My town used to have a freeway exit that was closed for construction, so there was a big pile of dirt twice as high as the bridge is now, and the neighbors would all take our lawn chairs up to the top to watch fireworks, including the official town shindig (minus the traffic), and the amusement park down the road, a couple of towns north and south, and the illegal backyard fireworks. Another place I lived was on a bay, and for some big firework years we could go down to the dock and see fireworks from a bunch of different towns across the water.

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