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Comment: Re:Just GBE everywhere! (Score 1) 261

Two are immediately occupied in each room: one by the "wireless bridge" (Wifi router, Zigbee gateway

Wait..what??! Dear God no! Please tell me you're not NATing your primary network into different networks for each room. That's a very bad idea, especially when you're in a home network environment with shared multi-media resources such as music and movies.

You only have one gateway/router device in the home. It, in addition to your ISP modem, would be located in the same room as to where your CAT6 patch panel (where all the cables converge in one area) would be. Newer homes actually have cable distribution panel built into the wall of someone's closet. During the build out, fiber or coax would also be ran to it for the ISP equipment. Do keep in mind that 16 port switches and above can get to 1U rack mount form-factor sizes; so plan on the size of the distribution panel in advance or else that will be mounted on a ply baseboard like some telco closet (unsightly IMHO).

Comment: Re:Just GBE everywhere! (Score 0) 261

I get that cable is cheap in comparison to the labor; especially when looking at a future install when the house is already built. But honestly, 4 runs of cable per room isn't needed. I could be talked into 2 perhaps; one for a PC/Laptop (desk use) and the other for an multimedia device such as a TV, AppleTV box, or game console. If you need more than that in a room, just get a five-port switch. Again, this would be the exception and not the rule for all. Now the family room where all the gathering takes place, sure. 4 runs for the multi-media area, and another jack for a family PC.

If we truly believe that the future will be an "Internet of Things" all ran via IPv6, then less be honest, 4 runs per room isn't going to be nearly enough unless they're WiFi enabled devices. In which case, start planning a few ceiling drops where PoE Access Points will be mounted. I highly recommend UniFi APs by Ubiquity; two of them can easily cover 2,000 sq.ft with plenty of overlap coverage assurance.

Comment: Re:Fusion? done thing. Why reinvent the wheel? (Score 1) 116

by DigiShaman (#49830011) Attached to: Mystery Company Blazes a Trail In Fusion Energy

Aside from trans-atlantic or pacific power lines (to buy and sell energy on the market), you'll never have enough capacity to provide base-load when the sun isn't shining. People think in terms of residential power usage, but there's a metric fuck-ton of power used in industrial that you simple haven't wrapped your head around yet.

Locally generated base-load has to come from somewhere. Nuclear fission and fusion are the only viable "clean" forms of energy. Well, not unless you're fortunate enough to live near hydroelectric.

Comment: Re:Huge Cash Pile (Score 1) 116

by DigiShaman (#49829887) Attached to: Mystery Company Blazes a Trail In Fusion Energy

(1) Getting a serious fusion effort off the ground is fabulously expensive. Even if you have some kind of whizbang micro-reactor concept you need a small army of physicists, engineers and highly skilled fabricators. People who don't come cheap

Cheap energy is a tide the lifts all boats; with regards to improving human quality of life. If the entire WORLD (China, US, Europe, etc) realizes that 1 cent per KWh or less within manufacturing reach, you will have the global equivalent of a moon shot or Manhattan project.

Remember, cheap energy means cheap robotics, means cheap manufacturing. The nation that can build the cheapest is the nation that can export the most. It's a race you can't fall behind. As for the middle east and their cheap oil....their FUCKED when that happens. And near as I can tell, the world at large is pretty fed up with OPEC and their shenanigans.

Comment: Re:Sometimes even your hack gets outdated... (Score 2) 245

by sumdumass (#49826471) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack?

Eh... it wasn't really until the mid 90s before laptops or processors had a large difference between generations. 15 and 30 mhz 486s desktops were still common on store shelves in 1995. Sound cards and CD roms were still expensive add ons around then too. A lot of systems were still dos or Windows 3.1 and not only did you have to purchase a web browser, you had to install a network stack just to dial up the internet. I remember being stoked when i upgraded the 9600 baud modem to a USR 33.6k modem for

Comment: Re:Cable companies should offer value (Score 1) 143

Cable companies originally offered a larger seclection of channels which wre commercial free.

There are still a lot of them, but they're mostly upper-tier subscription (e.g. movie) channels. The basic cable channels have always had ads, except for PEG, which still don't. There was never anyone sitting at the head end cutting the commercials out of the OTA stations they were carrying, so all those ads have always been there.

I cut cable when they drove me nuts with time/life commercials

Those infomercials are put on by the content provider when they have empty time to fill, not the cable company.

Comment: Re:From who? (Score 1) 146

by Obfuscant (#49825289) Attached to: FBI Is Behind Mysterious Flights Over US Cities

Hide their association from who, exactly? Air traffic control? It's not like you can see who registered a plane from the ground.

Ummmm, planes have these big numbers and things on the side that you can go look up here, and those same numbers are often used while talking to ATC by radio. That wireless thing that anyone can listen in on.

This statement just screams "we are breaking the rules and don't want to get caught"

No, this statement screams "there are nuts who would do deliberate damage to an airplane if they knew it was operated by the FBI and we're protecting the lives of the people who fly in them."

Comment: Re:Hardware Companies & Telecoms Have Too Much (Score 1) 123

What version? My iPhone 5 never had Verizon branded software installed at the firmware level. Aside from it saying "Verizon" in the upper left corner, there's nothing Verizon installed on it.

Speaking of OS updates, the iPhone 5 will most get iOS 9 this Fall.

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