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Comment Re:Time to invest in hard hats (Score 1) 48

Here is something to think about as far as traffic goes. In several large cities where road speed is 55mph or higher, the overpasses now have chain link fence over the roadway because people have thrown bricks, rocks, and other objects over the side to be hit by traffic whizzing by. Several deaths have been attributed to this. Something as small as a 5lbs brick can crash through a windshield , the person sitting on the other side, and sometimes more.

What I'm getting at is this won't be just a scratch on the hood or bruises if it goes down in traffic. It can be lethal without much effort.

Comment Re:Although I heavily disagree... (Score 1) 217

So you get this massive protest with thousands of people in one area. What happens when bombs and gunshots start going off? I don't mean the protesters would get violent, but what about ISIS terrorism taking advantage of the crowd and chaos.

Perhaps this is the government realizing that it cannot provide security for both dignitaries and protesters at this time.

Comment Re:Now only if... (Score 1) 52

Exactly. . I don't know how many times i need to tell idiots to get off my lawn each and every day. It seems like more and more every day too.

Oh, and I'm not sure Cox lost anything on this front except the ability to claim a DMCA exception. Of course in order to do so, they would have had to blindly follow the takedown process which cutting internet access to anything more than the specific content is not part of.

In other words, they may still be exempt from liability, just not according to a law that doesn't seem to apply to the specific circumstances.

Comment Re:he should know better (Score 1) 303

Why? I wasn't aware that Mr Dawkins sold advertising space at his speeches. If that does happen, yes he should be required or obligated to run an advertisement that sounds like a prayer or whatever if someone pays him to.

The principal here is not the content. It is the denial of commercial services to members of society based on their speech or whatever they do not like about them. Mr Dawkins is only tangibly connected here because of his outspoken atheist views and someone asked him about this. Of course he took the high road and doesn't think speech should be suppressed even if he disagreed with the speech.

Comment Re:My ideal TV would be a big dump screen, that's (Score 1) 232

Assuming a 2.6m viewing distance, you can see the full resolution of 480i with a 25" set. So yes, I believe that you can tell the difference between 480 lines and HD resolutions on a 40" set.

You may be able to "perceive" a difference between 720p and 1080p on a 40" set (through vernier acuity). But you are unlikely to be able to actually resolve details at the full resolution of 1080p on your 40" set unless your vision is much better than 20/20.

With 20/20 vision, you can identify a letter (such as "E") only with a subtended angle of 5 arc minutes or more.

Comment Re:My ideal TV would be a big dump screen, that's (Score 1) 232

40" with supposed "HD" which is really 720p half-HD? This the dark ages? Am I to be impressed with a resolution lower than the average cellphone?

At a typical TV viewing distance of 2.6m, you can only see the resolution of 720p with a 45" set or larger. For 1080p resolution, you would need a set of 68" or larger. For 2160p resolution, you need a set of 148" or larger.

Comment Re:I think this is fair. (Score 1) 222

Port addresses are not part of the ISP's business, either. That is an internal matter for the networks/routers at source and destination, not in between.

If the ISP is doing NAT for customer traffic, they need to know the port addresses. The source and destination routers are not the only routers in the network. And if they are providing outbound connections only, they need to know what outbound ports are in use so they can allow the responses to get back while blocking the rest.

My ISP, for example, has absolutely no business knowing (or caring) whether I am doing SSH over port 22 or port 23456.

Knowing what ports are in use does not tell the ISP what kind of traffic is going over the connection. You would have a valid point had you said "whether I'm doing SSH or FTP" and stopped there.

It isn't essential for their services and it's private information.

How is what port you are using "private information"? It is in every outgoing packet you send. And it is essential for some kinds of service.

Further, if they intentionally redirect my packets, in any way that wasn't essential for internet routing, they're interfering with a private communication, which is illegal for a common carrier to do.

Ummm, so if they use a longer route for your packets because it is cheaper for them, it's illegal?

Comment FUD at least sort of. (Score 4, Interesting) 199

From the piece: "With that said, when Nest Cam is turned off, it completely stops transmitting video to the cloud, meaning it no longer observes its surroundings." .
So whether its camera is all the way off or in warm standby isn't very relevant to privacy if no information is being sent out. For instance if I wanted a unit to act only as a movement tracker this would be a good thing to have a camera for but no sending information out. Now the question is why does it need to send video from in my home to the cloud at all? Why can't I just store video locally if I am interested in that or see out of its camera live? I am not sure I understand the use cases of this device.

Comment Re:Speaking of crappy ads (paid posts) (Score 1) 221

Speaking of ads, SlashDot, what's with these brain-dead, demographic-curdling "paid posts" you're running?

What's more insidious is /. now logging me out at random, where the probability is about 50%. Often when I've clicked "preview" to make sure something I'm writing has the tags in place correctly. Instead of seeing just my preview, I get an ad-laden page with an amazing top banner ad that expands into a page-filling piece of crap advertising Fred Meyer, which has no visible way of getting away from it.

This is how /. "thanks" people for making the service great and "rewards" them for opting out of ads.

And the bastards did it again when I clicked "preview" for this posting.

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