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Comment: CPU upgrades - software / hardware (Score 1) 499

by Brassrat70s (#37093310) Attached to: Intel To Offer CPU Upgrades Via Software
Nothing new and nothing to be upset about. E.g., Years ago Prime Computer had multiple models with different processing performance ... the difference between the machines was the number of wait states in the micro-code. If you want to go further back, the IBM 1130 came with at least 2 memory options - the difference was whether a wire disabling half of the memory was cut or not - it was just more cost effective to manufacture a single memory board (yes whole boards with little magnetic cores) and enable the memory in the field. You get what you pay for ... if you want more power you pay more, if it's more cost effective to manufacture a singe part with modifiable software or field modifiable hardware then that is good for everyone.

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