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Comment Did you try telling them to get off your lawn? (Score 1) 393

What does it feel like to be a cliche? You are making the same exact complaint that every generation since the beginning of time has made: "These kids today, no know how lift boulder, no good at hunt--makes me angry, makes gods angry, will have bad harvest and world will end".

Yet, somehow, the world has steadily improved. Try stepping out of your own personal anecdotal experience once in awhile.

Comment That's simply untrue. (Score 2) 568

The primary role of an architect in the design of bridges or buildings is to say how it should look or other human interface-related things (floorplans, etc.). Anything related to keeping the structure from collapsing is done by an engineer. If someone wants to make a type of building or bridge that's never been done before, the primary innovations involved are engineering innovations (new techniques, etc.) and they come from engineers. Architects simply don't have the expertise to do this type of work.

For other engineering fields this is even more apparent. Who designs new figher jets in your world view? who designs computers? Look around at all the technology you interact with on a day to day basis and ask yourself who designs it? 99% of the time the answer is "an engineer". It's scary to me how many people in the world think that all these things just fall from the sky.

Indeed there are engineers who focus less on R&D and more on execution using existing tools (like your brother), but that's just one corner of the universe. A large fraction of the engineers in the world are doing R&D which involves quite a bit of innovation and creativity. Most things that involve rote application of existing tools can be transferred to a technician.

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