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Comment: 50 miles per day covers 80% of all driving. (Score 1) 426

by Brannon (#48798185) Attached to: Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

On the occasional day when you have to travel further then a Volt can travel 350+ miles between fillups (on gas). Why is this so complicated? Most people don't have to drive 500+ miles everyday. If you do, then fine, enjoy your gas bill--but YOUR USAGE MODEL IS NOT TYPICAL.

Comment: Lots of countries have health insurance companies (Score 1) 189

by Brannon (#48765579) Attached to: White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor

Are you saying that there is no working health care in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan or Switzerland?

There is more than one way to make a "working" health care system. With sufficient regulation you can have an efficient health care system which utilizes private insurance companies (and private health care providers). Once properly regulated those insurance companies nolonger compete with eachother on who is best at denying care or filtering out the expensive patients, but rather on lowering administrative costs and incentivizing preventative care.

Comment: Except... (Score 1) 463

by Brannon (#48737353) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked

1. Lots of Windows users never upgraded past XP (>15%) and have no UAC at all
2. Lots of Windows users have disabled UAC prompting because it's so annoying (seriously, do a Google search for UAC and the top results are about how to disable it)
3. Nobody uses the Windows backup options
4. Malware can't delete a Time Machine backups

Theoretically Macs could be at just as much risk as PCs, but in practice it isn't anywhere close. There are well over 50 millions Mac users in the world, and they have plenty of money, but for some reason they are nowhere near as infected as PCs.

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