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Comment: Name one original thing that Elon Musk has done. (Score 1) 263 263

Or anybody else for that matter. Everything under the sun has prior art. Every "new" invention involves combining some prior technology with a spit-shine and then reselling it.

Apple is held to a standard that noone else in technology has ever been held to.

Comment: How does Safari have anything to do with lockin? (Score 1) 311 311

Safari has always been an extremely standards compliant web browser. And Apple is a huge supporter of Webkit which the underlying rendering engine in several other browsers.

You're completely full of shit. You don't like Apple because you don't like Apple customers.

Comment: Your company sounds like a nightmare to me. (Score 1) 381 381

I'm glad that option is available to people who want to work that way, but it sounds way too rigid for me. I like being able to work on my schedule. What if I get on a roll and want to work later one night and then roll in late the next morning? I don't want the work/life balance Gestapo to padlock my keyboard at 5:00pm and then cattle prod me into the office at 9:00am the next morning. Seriously, it sounds horrible.

Comment: WTF is your point? (Score 1) 381 381

Are you claiming that Americans are stupid because we're tricked into working long hours? or are you claiming that it's a myth that Americans work so much because Mexico & Greece work longer hours? (presumably this is why those countries have such impressive economies).

I don't see how you can have it both ways. We're either dumb and exploited for working too much or we're lazier than a couple of countries that need bailouts every other year. Pick one.

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