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Comment Absurd. (Score 1) 363

Say I go to an unauthorized service provider to get my car fixed. They swap out my engine with one that is so flaky and fragile that it explodes if you change the ignition timings.

Then I go to my original dealer and ask for them to update my software. The software update from my dealer changes the ignition timings because they've found more efficient timings.. The software update works fine with the original engine, but with the new engine it explodes.

Who's fault is it?

I'll give you a hint, at some point along the way you signed a piece of paper that says that the manufacturer only covers problems with their design or manufacturing.

Companies can't possibly be expected to test their software will all possible configurations of third-party modifications.

Comment That's not how computers & laws have ever work (Score 1, Insightful) 363

You own the hardware and you can do whatever you want to it--but you are in no way entitled to have the original manufacturer support your efforts to make mods to the hardware or to support you when you've violated the terms of the warranty.

If you drop it and then take it to an unauthorized service vendor and they damage it--then you're on your own.

BTW: you're also not required to take OS updates, you have to click through a lot of legalese in order to get one. In this case the customer chose to take an OS update, unaware that the new OS detected a security violation that exposed their un-sanctioned repair work.

This is how things have always worked with any kind of device ever sold before in the history of mankind. The problem is that you're an idiot.

Comment what lawbreaking? (Score 1) 634

it was stupid to operate one's emails like that, but it wasn't criminal. This is [yet another] partisan witch hunt.

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in the race. She's smart, she's a hard-worker, her policies align with mine. That's why I'm voting for her.

Donald Trump is an insane, impulsive narcissist. Ted Cruz is a fanatic intent on shutting down the government. Bernie Sanders is well-meaning but naive, more importantly he is the best chance for a Trump or Cruz to become president.

Comment More like ceding control to software "engineers" (Score 1) 432

This is what happens when we pretend that random C++ hackers are real engineers, things that used to "just work" now exhibit the flakiness we've come to expect from software, due mostly to the primitive testing technology in broad use by software engineers and their complete ignorance of how physical systems are classically engineered & tested.

It's really just a matter of time until C++ & Agile development start killing people in large numbers.

Comment There's a problem with this line of thinking... (Score 1) 508

there are a lot of people who are unable (for various medical reasons) to get certain vaccinations or whom otherwise are not completely protected by vaccinces, their only protection from certain terrible diseases is via herd immunity. Those people don't believe your pseudo-intellectual nonsense, but they are still affected by it if you choose not to vaccinate yourself and your kids.

If anti-vaxxers were only hurting themselves then I'd have less objection to it, as refusing to take simple steps to protect yourself from horrible diseases is clearly a trait that we should remove from the gene pool via natural selection.

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