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Comment: The last mile should be regulated (Score 1) 389

by Brannon (#49155301) Attached to: Verizon Posts Message In Morse Code To Mock FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling

It's absurd for everyone to have parallel high-speed links into their homes to enable competition, just as it would be absurd to have multiple parallel sewage or electrical networks. Instead there should be a single last-mile network that is heavily regulated (including net neutrality) and then let the companies compete on everything else

Comment: The old "Apple doesn't invent anything" meme (Score 1) 196

by Brannon (#49096703) Attached to: A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees

This is where a group of idiots declares that Apple doesn't invent anything, their employees only "integrate" technology invented elsewhere. As someone who (a) invents hardware technology for a living, and (b) doesn't work for Apple, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are completely full of shit. Apple does a huge amount of hardware R & D.

Comment: Maybe because he knows how it works? (Score 0) 449

by Brannon (#49084887) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV

It's a one-time pad-based system and the merchant never gets the real account number or even the user's name. They get a one-time code for a specific purchase amount at a specific time. You could intercept the RF transmission and publish it on a billboard in Times Square and it would still be unhackable.

My experience is that smug Apple-bashers are pretty ignorant about technology in general, thanks for reinforcing that opinion.

Comment: I can't imagine a worse answer than GIT (Score 1) 343

by Brannon (#49075537) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Version Control For Non-Developers?

Did you even read the question?

I've never seen a version control tool which is less intuitive for a new user than GIT. It has horrible support for binary blobs and documents. Windows support is an afterthought.

GIT is the right tool for you only inasmuch as your needs mirror those of Linux kernel developers. That covers some of the universe but not all of it and not any part of the universe represented by the original post question.

Comment: Who's arguing that? (Score 1) 257

by Brannon (#49069891) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models

Obviously Tesla is not competing directly with $15K cars.

The Model S competes against other $80K cars. They didn't invent that market segment--they are competing within it. Yes, that is a premium luxury segment.

By all accounts, the Model 3 will be somewhere in the $35-45K range. There are already cars selling for that price--that segment already exists, and it is much larger than the $80K+ segment. Again, Tesla will compete more or less head-on against similarly priced vehicles that already exist. You can call that a luxury segment if you want, but the average price of a new car is $32K so there are a lot of people buying cars for that price.

When competing against cars that are approximately the same price (within 20% or so), one could make an argument about the long-term savings of energy costs and maintenance for an ICE vs. EV.

Literally no one on the entire fucking planet is arguing that you can save money with a Model 3 vs. the cheapest gas car you can find. That is an entirely fictional argument that you've constructed inside your delusional little mind. It's completely absurd on its face, since by that logic there should be noone purchasing *any* car over $15K and yet the average price of a new car is $32K.

Comment: Why is this so hard for you to understand? (Score 1) 257

by Brannon (#49068307) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models

VW sells cars for $35K+ (their CC line, for example). Now I'm going to talk really slowly so you can try to keep up. Imagine if the people who already buy those cars instead start to purchase Model 3's for about the same price. Is your mind blown?

That's exactly what happened with the Model S. It's not that people who were in the market for a $35K car and instead bought an $80K car--it's that people were in market for an $80K car chose the Tesla over other $80K cars.

It is irrelevant that there are other cars that are much cheaper--Tesla isn't selling into that segment yet. They will get there, just not in the next couple years.

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.