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Comment: You're an idiot. (Score 5, Insightful) 403

by Brannon (#49585951) Attached to: Tattoos Found To Interfere With Apple Watch Sensors

They were dumbing down the explanation to make it understandable, there's obviously enough of an absorbtion difference to be detectable--that's all that matters.

Maybe stop investing so much of your self-worth into your choice of consumer electronics and then you won't feel the need to invent lame excuses (like bullshit marketing) for why someone else's choice is flawed.

Comment: iPod, iPhone, iPad. (Score 1) 389

People said at the time that Apple would never sell 1M iPods, or iPhones, or iPads. They've sold hundreds of millions of these things. In each of these categories they sold more than 1000x more than what all previous manufacturers in those categories had every sold...combined.

No guarantee they'll do the same here--but everyone who has bet against them before has been catastrophically wrong.

Kiss your keyboard goodbye!