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Comment: Title change, please? (Score 5, Informative) 87

by BrandonJones (#37643540) Attached to: <em>Team Fortress 2</em> Running In a Web Browser Using WebGL
As the developer of the demo in question, can I request a change in the article title? I did NOT port the Source Engine to a browser, not even close. I've simply loaded some of the visual resources and demonstrated that they can be displayed at game-appropriate speeds. It's a long way to go from here to "Team Fortress In a Browser".

Comment: Re:Thanks for nothing (Score 1) 570

by BrandonJones (#32168354) Attached to: Mozilla Reveals Firefox 4 Plans
I really don't get all the hate against Chrome's UI. I love it, as does nearly my entire office. It keeps the crap I don't care about out of my way and let's me see more of the crap I do care about (you know, the page?) And yes, it's stupidly fast. None of that condones Firefox just blindly lifting their interface, of course. But on the flip side of that coin there are far, far worse places to look for inspiration!

Comment: Apparently they don't support much of anything (Score 4, Informative) 356

by BrandonJones (#31724136) Attached to: Songbird Drops Linux Support
Out of curiosity I dowloaded songbird just now and tried to install on my Windows 7 machine. Got a nice dialog saying "We don't support this OS. You can try, but things may not work properly." So you don't support Linux, and you don't support the latest version of Windows (or, I'm willing to bet, Vista)... Why not just call yourself a Mac product and be done with it?

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