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+ - Global Anomalies Linked to Large Hadron Collider->

Submitted by Brandee07
Brandee07 (964634) writes "A rash of observed anomalies has rattled observers around the globe, as researchers feared that the bizarre behaviors could be linked to European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN)'s operation of the Large Hadron Collider. In response, containment teams employed by the SCP Foundation have been deployed worldwide, as part of a global effort to seek out, examine, and quarantine the unexplained phenomena.

CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer denied that the anomalous behaviors were linked to the operation of the LHC."

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+ - Major Cellphone Makers Agree on Universal Charger->

Submitted by Brandee07
Brandee07 (964634) writes "The GSM Association has agreed on a standard charger for future models of cellphones. FTA: "the GSMA's agreement, signed by Nokia, LG, AT&T, Vodafone, Motorola and others, has settled on the microUSB connector as the new standard." The author of the article seems to think that microUSB was a poor choice, but any standard is better than none."
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+ - University of Maryland Leaks Student's SSNs->

Submitted by Brandee07
Brandee07 (964634) writes "The University of Maryland College Park Department of Transportation has issued an alert that they published the social security numbers of all students registered for Fall classes (23,727 individuals) on the mailing labels for an information package about on-campus parking. The University is providing credit monitoring services for affected persons, but still waited 10 days to notify students, having discovered the mistake on the 8th, but waited until the 18th to send out emails and post a notification on their home page."
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+ - Spirit Rover 4 Years Old

Submitted by Brandee07
Brandee07 (964634) writes "Designed for a 90 day mission, the Spirit Mars Rover is starting its 4th year of exploration. Opportunity will turn four on Jan 25. From the article: "We never thought we'd still be driving these robots all over Mars," said Mark Lemmon, a planetary scientist at Texas A&M University and member of the rover science team. "We joked about driving Opportunity into Victoria Crater, but now we're there, and we're looking at doing even more science. Each day they still work is an amazing one.""

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