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Comment: How can you still keep a straight face? (Score 1) 187

by Brandano (#48135057) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Florian Mueller About Software Patents and Copyrights
Time and time again your forecasts about legal disputes have been falsified in court. How can you still offer your allegedly unbiased opinion as an expert on patent law and still keep a straight face? Aren't you perhaps confusing what you (or your sponsors) wish the body of the law is with what it actually is?

Comment: Re:FP? (Score 4, Insightful) 942

by Brandano (#48035383) Attached to: David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures
I "sort of" agree, and in Italy we do indeed use the comma to separate decimal digits. However, the problem with using a comma when applied to Anglophone nations is mainly one of pronunciation. "Thirty-three-comma-thirthy-three" sounds like two separate numbers, at least until you get used to it. And getting used to it can take a long time since this usage of the comma is logically opposed to that in written language.

+ - Amazon acquires Twitch for $970 million

Submitted by rtoz
rtoz (2530056) writes "Amazon has agreed to buy the massively popular video game streaming website Twitch in an all-cash deal of around $970 million.

This deal came just months after numerous reports that Google had a deal to acquire Twitch.

According to the CEO ( Emmett Shear) of Twitch, Amazon plans to let Twitch operate independently, out of its offices in San Francisco. It seems Twitch decides to choose Amazon over Google because of this reason.

Twitch did not exist a little over three years ago, and it now has 55 million unique viewers a month globally.

Twitch specializes in live videos of the people playing games."

Comment: Re:The Spruce Goose is your comparison? (Score 2) 85

by Brandano (#47549521) Attached to: World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft Goes Into Production In China
But the Martin Mars ( ) made several flights, and was actually flown until a few years ago as a firefighting plane. And I still think it is bigger than this plane. Probably their claim is that it is bigger than its Japanese counterpart, the ShinMaywa US2 ( )

Comment: Re:Like TV licensing vans (Score 1) 93

by Brandano (#46959733) Attached to: UK ISPs To Send Non-Threatening Letters To Pirates
I believe that in "the olden days" of analogue TV the vans could detect the frequency emitted by the local oscillator of the TV set, essentially the bit that compares a fixed frequency to what is received by the antenna and by making a difference between these obtains a signal. The principle of operation i of radio sets is still the same (, but modern receivers probably are better engineered and won't leak as much of the local oscillator signal.

Comment: Re:Probably more to it (Score 1) 439

by Brandano (#45736041) Attached to: US Spying Costs Boeing Military Jet Deal With Brazil
Almost. I would place it roughly in the category of the F20 Tigershark, but with modernized avionics and greater weapon load and flexibility. It doesn't have a long range, but that only really becomes a problem when you are concerned with attack missions rather than defending your country.

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