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Comment: Re:I'll be keeping mine (Score 2) 257

by Branciforte (#45960797) Attached to: Google Buys Home Automation Company Nest

I work at Google, in the facilities automation group. Google is really good at designing warehouse-scale computers that maximize the efficiency of electrical usage and heating/cooling. I suspect that this Nest acquisition is an attempt to leverage some of their heating/cooling expertise.

I fully expect that no one will believe this and will chalk it up to an advertising opportunity.

Comment: Re:congrats guys and gals (Score 4, Interesting) 293

I work at Google.

Before anything was reported by Snowden, plans were already in place to protect user data. It started with the switch to HTTPS, continued with us encrypting user data on disk, and we were beginning to encrypt data that was transferred between datacenters. The revelation that the NSA was tapping into undersea cables only accelerated the timeline.

Comment: Re:violation of trust (Score 1) 109

by Branciforte (#45522001) Attached to: Google to Pay $17 Million to Settle Privacy Case

Google hacked your browser? Or they just used a standard web technique to get results for a +1 button and Safari piled on a bunch of extra cookies?

Why would Google do this? If we assume that it was intentional, they must have known that, with all the scrutiny the company faces, someone was going to figure it out? And what would they get in return? A little bit of data on the handful of people who upped their Safari privacy settings and are unlikely to click on ads.

Does that make sense?

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Is there any evidence that email are used to build up a profile? I have never seen the contents of an email reflected anywhere else aside from right next to that same email. I get ads based on what I do web searches on, but I've never seen and ad based on my email correspondence, except for right next to the email message.

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by Branciforte (#44226765) Attached to: MIT Project Reveals What PRISM Knows About You

The transmission is encrypted with ECDHE, an Elliptical Curve Diffie-Hellman Exchange. Each connection is encrypted with a separate secret number which is dynamically generated and known only to the endpoints of the connection. The NSA or anyone else might be able to watch all the traffic, but it will still take anyone years to brute force it.

Do you understand how ECDHE works?

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