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Comment: Re:The 90's all over again... (Score 1) 151 151

Hmm.... That sounds like 90% of a hit TV series premise to me. Just add "and solving ingenious crimes that baffle the police" to that story and I thing we have it.

Good for you for having the wit to not believe what you were told and the fortitude to get to college anyway.

Comment: Re:Tacking around the moon (Score 1) 72 72

Actually, from what I understand it's the resistance of the keel that lets a sailing ship tack into the wind. The keel is long and thin seen from the front and wide and flat seen from the side - so in one sense it is water resistance, but its resistance of sideways motion vs. front to back motion. A flat bottomed rowboat can't tack even if you add sails - no keel. Learned that from Peabody and Sherman a few centuries ago.

Comment: Re:Security is a process - not a tool (Score 1) 203 203

As one old hand on /. to another - hats off to you sir if even half of what you said is accurate (and I have a suspicion it is). It was once called civic duty, but is sorely missing today.

Nothing gets peoples attention like the unmistakable "crunch-crunch!" of a shotgun being primed, I imagine. I have no guns myself, but I would still step out with whatever was at hand if a situation similar to the ones you describe above occurred.

It's refreshing to hear of someone with the same outlook. Bless you sir!

Comment: Re:other states? (Score 1) 69 69

Simple enough - nuclear warheads wear out. They get stale, They cease to function. They must be replaced.

The US had millions of rounds of 50 caliber machine gun ammo left after WWII - enough to last through all the wars since then. Is that stock still around? No - it was destroyed and replaced with fresh ammo. Same deal with nukes - they are not a solid block of stone, so they do no last forever. No complex weapon does.

Comment: Re:Fluffy the feel good piece (Score 1) 70 70

I got fed up with the 4 and 5 blade contraptions as well, and went back 'old school' with a safety razor, soap, and boars-hair brush. Didn't go full old school with the straight razor - that does take too much time to keep sharp, and some time to get skilled with it. The safety razor though is great - blades are maybe 4 cents a piece - I can buy 'em in hundred packs.

Try it - you won't look back.

The one advantage modern razors have though is that you have to really really try hard to cut yourself. The safety I have is not bad (and blades last around 2 weeks it seems), but takes a little care. Straight razor - forget about it.

Comment: Re:They still have to add more risk to the equatio (Score 1) 99 99

How about this for a potential solution? NIH, as federally funded, cannot or will not patent new devices you (and other researchers) come up with. Fine. How about sending copies of your writings directly to the Patent board - for inclusion in the body of prior art they use to reject patents.

That may be one way to put them in the public domain, so to speak, so that companies could USE your design, but could not patent it for themselves - any patent application would just get rejected via prior art.

May be worth a shot.

Comment: Everything has a cost (Score 1) 698 698

First off, bummer dude. Good luck with the time you have left.

The only big lesson I ever instilled in my daughter, and I think it stuck, is that everything in life that you want has a cost. It may not be money - in lots of cases it isn't (my daughter's Field Hockey championships and ROTC scholarship for instance) - but there is a cost to everything. Figure out what the cost is, and if you want whatever it is enough to pay that cost - do that, and life is simple.

The other I got from someone else - at some point EVERYONE becomes an orphan. When you can understand and accept that, you at least know you are not alone in your loss - sooner or later everyone has it.

Good luck - god bless

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