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Comment Re:he Neuroscientist Who Tested a Brain Implant On (Score 1) 58

He likely had to have them removed to prevent fatal infections. The implants are foreign objects and the connectors to them were through the skin - so it gets infected. Left long enough really bad infections would set in, that may be ultimately fatal.

Anything like that for experimental purposes is temporary

Comment Re:Depends (Score 1) 315

Be helpful in posting - if you can't say something nice ...

Also, on Moderation (if you are selected for that) - I always try to moderate UP only (very rarely do I moderate down - obvious trolls or flamebait sometimes), and I try to only evaluate the post I'm Moderating based on the criteria of "Does it add to the discussion going on?".

I never use Moderation to disagree with someone. I can know what they say is flat out wrong, and STILL moderate them up. It's a difficult distinction to keep in mind, but that's how I do it.

Sift through the chaff - there are some nuggets here and there to find. Welcome aboard.

Comment Re: Did this problem make it better than the usual (Score 1) 36

I second this - things are much faster, for me at least. Manchester NH is my "30 minute airport". I live a couple of towns over and I can:
1) Get up off my couch
2) Grab my bags
3) Get in the car and drive to the airport
4) Park long term
5) Check in at the counter (I check my bag, not carry it on)
6) Go through security
7) Get through the airport so I am standing in front of my plane's gate.

      All in 30 minutes or less. Who could ask for more?

Comment Re:the easiest way to stop nuclear aggressors (Score 1) 258

Sounds like it may work out - glad to hear you are out and about and having fun. Definitely try things you have never done before - that's where you meet the most interesting people (well, I do at least). And if you ever just want to chat, you can email me at br4nm4n - thats at comcast dot net - directly instead of through /.

Comment Re:No automated plate scanners in the Free State (Score 1) 88

New Hampshire has no income tax or sales tax - all our taxes are in property taxes - in one place where you can keep an eye on them. I like that.

New Hampshire allows us to play Texas Hold-em poker - while Texas itself does not! (Oh, the irony)

New Hampshire does not penalize you for not wearing a seat-belt or a helmet (as long as you are an adult).

Oh, and good luck devising an effective public transportation system given New Hampshire terrain and population density.

So there.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 842

No problem - ideas are free to share and if anything I've suggested helps, I'm glad. My goals? Don't have many actually - I've got a pretty good life, I enjoy what I do (so by some accounts I've never worked a day in my life), and who I'm with. Can't ask for more.

Another idea came to me - look online or on your cable for a show called "Millionaire Matchmaker". There are actually people out there specializing in, yes, matchmaking for the wealthy. Can't say how well it works out really, but hey, it's another thing you may not have considered.

Nice to hear you're helping out some of those around you - I'd probably sneak in similar acts of kindness as you've managed. I try to help out as I can too - there are plenty of people 'below' me on the financial scale that I can and have given a little boost.

I of course could tell you're not a native speaker - I've never heard the term 'sexing' before - but it's all good. Surprised you are apparently living in Maine - I'm living next door in New Hampshire myself.

Good luck with finding The One! And for all our sakes keep off the opiates. Nasty stuff - glad you kicked it.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 842

A bit of a late reply, but I just came across this. I have enjoyed reading your ramblings. I'm a bit below you on the pay scale - comfortable but still definitely working for a living - saving and planning for retirement at some point, so I'll have time on my hands then for sure.

Romantic relationships seem really important to you, so that's what I will talk about here.

Once I gave relationship advise to a woman I met during a layover in an airport who was heading off to a political party convention of all things. The only thing I could come up with kind of stuck with me - "Find the one you can't live without. Then.... don't [live without them]". I've been pretty lucky in that department - coming up on my 25th wedding anniversary next year.

A friend of mine met the man of her dreams - they are still together to this day I am sure, though I have not seen them in many years - at a gaming convention of all things. Met and talked and hit it off and stayed up all night talking. And that was that.

What I'm trying to get at with my rambling is that when it happens it just happens. And if you know them enough to trust them you can trust them with anything - you just know.

My advise to you is to get out there on the road like you don't have much in the bank, and just meet people. This I know you think is dishonest, but bear with me. Take the time to get to know her - find the ONE man - and during the course of a year play all the "what if" games. What if we won the lottery - what would we do? Then make it happen - concoct your own lottery, or contest, or drawing, or whatever, and "win" a couple of million dollars.

Then do with her all the things you'd do in that case - that will be more fun than you can imagine. And after a year of that - if it hasn't all come unglued - come clean about everything. And she will not care one bit - if anything she'll think it's the most romantic thing she has ever heard of.

That's how I'd do it.

Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

The marriage bonus exists because the servicemen are expected to support their spouses - and need the means to do so. Getting married means starting a family, and when deployed servicemen are not around to help raise the family - that falls on the spouse.

Being married to someone who gets deployed far away on a regular basis is very hard on a marriage - the spouse is effectively a single parent during those periods.

Not sure if you were just trolling, If not, here's your answer

Comment Re:They tried it before. (Score 1) 102

GPL means open source. Means you, I, and Frank down the road can download and read the source. We can compile it ourselves from the source, to make sure we have what we expect. We can inspect the code to discover back doors (hiding a direct back-door in source is REALLY REALLY hard to do) - crypto experts in this or other countries can look through it to ascertain if it is secure or subject to attacks (theses have been based on this, so it is no idle task)

In fact no one with any standing in the cryto community of experts will say any crypto algorithm is anything but *insecure* until the whole world has tried to break it, and all fail.

Good crypto is possible. GPL means open source, so good crypto applications *are* possible. Anything close sourced, i.e. commercial or government furnished, as binary only, cannot be trusted.

That is why GPL is so important. It isn't magical, but no one can muck with it in secret. Just isn't physically possible - you get the source code too.

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