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Comment: Article seems ignorant of current state (Score 1) 147

I think the article screwed up here.
From the article:

"Party Play allows four friends to connect via BlueTooth controllers to an iPad, enabling local splitscreen multiplayer. Take your iPad out to your flatscreen TV with a HDMI adaptor and bingo, the Apple microconsole has arrived."

So the iPad is the microconsole, and you can ALREADY DO THIS.

The iPad can mirror anything to a TV using HDMI, and the iPad can already do MFi controllers, so there is NOTHING NEW HERE.

Comment: Re:Bigger problem: stupid 'optimizations' (Score 1) 447

by Bram Stolk (#46725151) Attached to: Heartbleed Coder: Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake

OpenSSL has a functionality: to provide high security. If it fails to do that, it loses all reason to exist, regardless of how efficient the code is.
Also: allocation does not tend to show up in profiling.
Last, note that allocation was deemed slow on SOME PLATFORMS.
Way to go: completely compromise the security on all platforms because you think that on some platforms allocation is slow.

Comment: counter rotating (Score 1) 353

If the two engines rev at different speeds, the whole plane will start to roll, faster and faster.
Consider this scenario:
Engine 1 stalls.
Engine 2 has its throttle stuck at wide open (Aircraft engines do this e.g. when linkage breaks: full throttle is safer than no throttle.)
Then the pilot will die a horrible death EVEN BEFORE HITTING THE GOUND.

You can do this with electric engines, not with IC engines.
It's a death trap, and it will not fly.

Comment: benchmark (Score 3, Interesting) 107

by Bram Stolk (#45838595) Attached to: NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Tested, Fastest Android 4.3 Slate Under $200

It does well for on-screen benchmarks, because of the low resolution of 1280x720.
For on-screen tests, it will have to process fewer pixels than the more expensive models with high-res screens.
This makes it look faster than it is, as you can see by the off-screen benchmark results.

Comment: Re:Listen to A.S.T. (Score 1) 341

by Bram Stolk (#45815781) Attached to: Kernel DBus Now Boots With Systemd On Fedora

That word does not mean what you think it means. In fact, kernel dbus is probably the most microkernel-ish feature I've seen added to the Linux kernel (although I haven't been paying close attention).

From wikipedia:
Traditional operating system functions, such as device drivers, protocol stacks and file systems, are removed from the microkernel to run in user space.

Comment: Sometimes you need inefficiency (Score 0) 944

by Bram Stolk (#45784029) Attached to: 60% of Americans Unaware of Looming Incandescent Bulb Phase Out

My previous apartment had a bathroom without conventional heating.
You could still make the bathroom warm enough with the lights above the mirror though.
Six bulbs of 60W gave me a nice and cosy 360W heating, which is actually not that bad in a small bathroom.
If you remember to turn on lights an hour before your shower (in the winter), you would be fine.

My new place has heated floors in the bathroom, so I no longer care.
But for some people, 60W bulbs are nice.

Comment: Re:A limited number of Bitcoins (Score 4, Informative) 305

by Bram Stolk (#45571075) Attached to: Bitcoin Thefts Surge, DDoS Hackers Take Millions

The effect of selling is less than you think.
mtgox is not the biggest exchange, but it can easily do a $1M exchange without affecting price in a too dramatic way.

The nice thing is that their bid book is open for every one to see, so you can predict what happens to price at large orders.
At the time of writing, a $1M sell or buy would move the mtgox exchange price 5% in either direction.

If you sell in the largest exchange in the world, which I understand is in China, it would move the market less than this.

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