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Comment: Put your routers in the basements! (Score 1) 138

by BrakesForElves (#18402045) Attached to: Wireless Routers for Congested Areas?
I had the same issue last fall. Solved it 90% by talking with the neighbors. We all stuck our access points in the middles of our basements (keeping the signals mostly going upstairs instead of sideways), we set up channels 1, 6, 11, 1, 6, 11 from door to door. We also set up WEP keys the same way, 0101010101, 0606060606, 1111111111, 0101010101 (and so on). We weren't all that worried about security, we just wanted to keep our damned connections straight. The biggest change came from putting the AP's downstairs.

+ - Microsoft suffers DNS insults

Submitted by Street Urchin
Street Urchin writes: Pranksters have hit Microsoft where it hurts: yep, in the DNS database. Several Microsoft-branded (but not Microsoft-owned) domain names have been vandalised by script kiddies who've added a string of potty-mouthed insults — such as 'MICROSOFT.COM.HAS.ITS.OWN.CRACKLAB.COM' and 'MICROSOFT.COM.TOTALLY.SUCKS.S3U.NET'. See the Whois screen-grab here.

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