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Comment: Re:So what? (Score 1) 1046

by Brainman Khan (#39590863) Attached to: Forensic Experts Say Screams Were Not Zimmerman's
What I know currently about the Martin Case. A 6'2" - 6'4" Child, Kid, Young Adult, Teenager weighing 140-170lbs was shot when minding own business with candy/bashing man's head into concrete. He was shot by a Racist/White/Hispanic/Mentor to African Americans who was stalking/gunning down in cold blood/walking back to truck when jumped. Martin never got into any trouble/had female jewelry in bag with screwdriver/suspended for drugs. Zimmerman was not touched/treated for head gashes and broken nose. All of these "Facts" are from reputable news sources have been repeated on this Forum. Either we are talking about 15 different murder/self defense/man slaughter cases or a lot of so called journalist/politicians/bloggers are pretending to know what they are talking about. There is less diametrically opposed evidence/opinion in alien visitation/Global Warming/Best Linux Distro than this case.

Comment: Re:Conservative meltdown in 5..4..3..2..1.. (Score 1) 572

by Brainman Khan (#39524061) Attached to: Climate Change To Drive Weather Disasters, Say UN Experts
I believe many of the "deniers/right-winger/etc" are actualy noticing how a belief an ACG creates a "give me your money we promise to do something to convince you to give us more money" effect. If actual solutions where put in place then questioning the science may not be the most effective tool to keep what we earned and not have it confiscated/taxed by Big Al, IPCC, USA, UN, etc to make them richer with no actual real world change to the problem.

Comment: Send Sean Connery (Score 1) 350

by Brainman Khan (#38882877) Attached to: WikiLeaks To Ship Servers To Micronation of Sealand?
Every Bond Villain ever has tried this, Without a government to protect him he's left with the label of Terrorist or Pirate ("of the Caribbean" kind not the "I haz MP3" kind) and nada for political protection. I'm sure "they" already have cells in "undisclosed location" awaiting arrival of the micronation terrorist pirate hackerz.

Comment: AGW Denier or not (Score 1) 1055

by Brainman Khan (#38732208) Attached to: Is Climate Change the New Evolution?
Climate is a changing, however the only proposed solution is to give already rich people my money through taxes and fines. It should be obvious to anyone who has looked at how the government is able to tackle big problems (Push them to next election +1) will not be the solution. If you talk to many of the Climate Change Deniers you will find a lot of them accept the idea that the climate may be changing, but do not accept the idea that giving the people who brought you SOPA to combat "piracy" and Solera as the solution. Currently there are two camps 1. I believe in AGW - Solution: Taxes and Fines. Deniers - I'll keep my money thank you because things are going to change anyway and the government will likely make it worse. You will find that when the solution is not "Give Al Gore More MONIES" but a technology or solution that doesn't seriously impact a persons way of life you will have a lot less deniers.

Comment: Future Food (Score 1) 455

by Brainman Khan (#38517110) Attached to: IBM Granted Your-Paychecks-Are-What-You-Eat Patent
Enjoy new and improved - Bachelor Chow (Government Approved)
Also enjoy Mom's Chilled Non-Dairy Substitute Gel (Government Approved)
Remember if it isn't Government Approved it affects our kickbacks and your paycheck
Now back to Everyone Loves HypnoToad and eat healthy (Government Approved Healthy)

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