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Comment: Re:Say It Ain't So (Score 2, Insightful) 408

by Bradley (#27082325) Attached to: The Real Reason For Microsoft's TomTom Lawsuit

What if I'm in the Canada, and buy (from a US company) a GPL program which comes with a written offer to provide the source. Then a month I move to Cuba, and send a letter to the US company asking them to please send me the source (including proof of purchase, and cash to cover costs of copying and sending the source code back to me)

What does the US company do now?

I'm not a lawyer, and for all I know US law deals with this sort of situation. But assume that it doesn't (and assume that I can't, for some other reason, distribute the source and binary together)

Since any of my customers could move to Cuba/etc, I cannot make the promise for written source, so I cannot be sure that I can "satisfy simultaneously [my] obligations under this License and any other pertinent obligations". which means I can't distribute the software at all.


Use BitTorrent To Verify, Clean Up Files 212

Posted by timothy
from the but-anything-bittorrent-is-for-terrorists dept.
jweatherley writes "I found a new (for me at least) use for BitTorrent. I had been trying to download beta 4 of the iPhone SDK for the last few days. First I downloaded the 1.5GB file from Apple's site. The download completed, but the disk image would not verify. I tried to install it anyway, but it fell over on the gcc4.2 package. Many things are cheap in India, but bandwidth is not one of them. I can't just download files > 1GB without worrying about reaching my monthly cap, and there are Doctor Who episodes to be watched. Fortunately we have uncapped hours in the night, so I downloaded it again. md5sum confirmed that the disk image differed from the previous one, but it still wouldn't verify, and fell over on gcc4.2 once more. Damn." That's not the end of the story, though — read on for a quick description of how BitTorrent saved the day in jweatherley's case.

Russinovich Says, Expect Vista Malware 193

Posted by kdawson
from the UAC-be-damned dept.
Hypertwist writes "Despite all the anti-malware roadblocks built into Windows Vista, Microsoft technical fellow Mark Russinovich is lowering the security expectations, warning that viruses, password-stealing Trojans, and rootkits will continue to thrive as malware authors adapt to the new operating system. Even in a standard user world, he stressed that malware can still read all the user's data; can still hide with user-mode rootkits; and can still control which applications (anti-virus scanners) the user can access. From the article: '"We'll see malware developing its own elevation techniques," Russinovich said. He demonstrated a social engineering attack scenario where a fake elevation prompt can be used to trick users into clicking "allow" to give elevated rights to a malicious file.'

Comment: Re:But will they do DVI? (Score 1) 159

by Bradley (#17729088) Attached to: Intel Discrete Graphics Chips Confirmed
There SDVO, where you put a cheap card into the PCIe x 16 slot. Graphics goes over the PCIe bus (@1-2GHz) and the SDVO card can then have DVI/HDMI/tvout/etc. You still use a slot, but don't need to have a separate card/heatsink/fan/etc.

Only problem is that I've never actually seen one.... SiL apparently make chips, and I'm sure if I went looking I could find a card, but they're not exactly common. No idea if they work under linux.

+ - MySQL Falcon Storage Engine open sourced

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "The source for the Falcon Storage Engine for MySQL, has been released as open source. Mr. Jim Starkey is behind the creation of this new Storage engine for MYSQL. Mr. Starkey also known as the father of Interbase, has also been previousoly involved with the Firebird SQL database project. Falcon is a completely new storage engine. Falcon looks to be the long awaited open source storage engine that will perhaps become the primary choice for MySQL and along the way offer some innovation and performance improvements over current storage engine alternatives.

Link to source :

For more information visit : tml"

+ - PostgreSQL 8.2 released

Submitted by
VincenzoRomano writes "On Dec. 5th the PostgreSQL Global Development Group is proud to announce the release of PostgreSQL 8.2, the world's most advanced open source database. Apart of the usual fixes, among the features of this new version are:

* Higher performance (+20% on OLTP tests)
* Improved Warm standby databases
* Online index builds
* SQL2003 aggregates
* Improved TSearch2 with Generalized Inverted Indexes
* Support for DTrace probes
* Advisory Locks
* New ISN/ISBN and pgCrypto modules
* Selective pg_dump options

For full details about this release, please click here
It could be of some interest also a recent database field test involving PostgreSQL 8.2 against MySQL 4.1.20 and MySQL 5.1.20a."

+ - Firefly actors save the day @ cancelled convention

Submitted by qohen
qohen (104310) writes "Via

BIG DAMN HEROES: The Firefly convention was cancelled, but nonetheless: "Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Jonathan Woodward, Christina Hendricks and Adam Baldwin have all turned up and are partying with fans at the hotel bar into the night at the cancelled convention Flanvention. These actors? I don't have the words."

More here.

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