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Comment Re:Marketing costs? Do me a favor (Score 1) 305

Take a look at the SEC filings of a handful of major Pharma companies. Most list 30-40% of revenue as marketing and advertising.

The same percentage as in most other industries. Companies that build and sell medical devices that are never sold or marketed to patients spend about the same percentage.

Comment Re:drunk drivers (Score 1) 350

This is GREAT! I can just imagine some drunk fool getting in a Google self-driving car to get home from the bar, and the car getting pulled over by the cops. The drunk idiot could mouth off to the police all he wanted, but since he wasn't driving, no ticket!

Actually, he would get a ticket. You don't have to be driving a car to get a ticket for drunk driving. You can get a ticket solely for having control of a car. For example, you can get a drunk driving ticket for sleeping while drunk in a car.

Comment No! (Score 1) 287

This law is a terrible idea. And, why it is a terrible idea has nothing to do with your opinion on Homoeopathy.

This is a case of politicians making medical decisions. Medical decisions should be made by doctors not politicians. It should be doctors and medical boards who decide whether or not a particular prescription is effective.

Banning a drug because public opinion does not like it is bad health policy.

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