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Comment: Re:What's with the inclusion of "climate change"? (Score 1) 92

Pretty much. No one cares about nuclear weapons since the cold war ended. Well, no one but old, irrelevant people.

I'm less worried about full scale nuclear war, but I'm a lot more worried about nuclear weapons proliferation to groups that are unlikely to use them with any sort of restraint.

You mean countries like Israel?

Comment: Re:Headdesk (Score 2) 114


If someone does work as a contractor without a formal contract, by default the software / IP is the property of the contractor, and not the other company. He is hence perfectly within his rights to open source his software.

The situation is different if you are an employee.

Comment: Re:Steve Jobs is the Monkeywrench (Score 2) 114


* I have contacted some companies directly and I have been explicitly told my someone at that company that they can not hire me because my current company would retaliate against them.
* I have seem copies of contracts where it explicitly stated that the two countries agreed not to hire each other's employees.

Comment: Re:Night (Score 1) 437

It is cheaper, and more optimal electrically, to sell the power to the grid and then buy it back from another generator when you aren't generating

It is even cheaper and more optimal electrically, if your electric utility owns the solar panels and sells you the electricity from them when you need it.

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