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Comment: voicemail not obsolete (Score 1) 234

by BradMajors (#48662975) Attached to: The Slow Death of Voice Mail

Voicemail is not obsolete. What is obsolete is coca-cola's telephone system.

Their voicemail would be more widely used if Coca-Cola upgraded their phone system so that: voicemail can be forwarded as email, voicemail can be automatically transcribed and emailed, voicemail can be forwarded to cell phones, their phones were able to receive and send SMS messages, etc.

+ - ISPs Must Take Responsibility For Sony Movie Leaks, UK MP Says->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As the fallout from the Sony hack continues, who is to blame for the leak of movies including Fury, which has been downloaded a million times? According to the UK Prime Minister's former IP advisor, as "facilitators" web-hosts and ISPs must step up and take some blame.

Mike Weatherley MP, the recent IP advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron, has published several piracy reports including one earlier in the year examining the advertising revenue on pirate sites. He believes that companies with no direct connection to the hack or subsequent leaks should shoulder some blame.

“Piracy is a huge international problem. The recent cyber-attack on Sony and subsequent release of films to illegal websites is just one high-profile example of how criminals exploit others’ Intellectual Property,” Weatherley writes in an email to TF.

“Unfortunately, the theft of these films – and their subsequent downloads – has been facilitated by web-hosting companies and, ultimately, ISPs who do have to step-up and take some responsibility.”

Weatherley doesn’t provide detail on precisely why web-hosts and ISPs should take responsibility for the work of malicious hackers (possibly state-sponsored) and all subsequent fall out from attacks. The theory is that “something” should be done, but precisely what remains elusive."

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