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Comment: Radio astronomy hiring now (Score 1) 237

by BoydWaters (#44313021) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Scientific Research Positions For Programmers?

I have had great fun as a computer person for astronomical observatories. Have been treated quite well without the PhD, but there is certainly a ceiling without one.

The Square Kilometre Array is the current hotness, and is hiring.

Comment: 15 years ago, with desktop workstations (Score 5, Interesting) 154

by BoydWaters (#31354780) Attached to: Researchers Convert Mouth Movements Into Speech

Fifteen (!) years ago, I took a UC Extension class on Neural Networks taught by Stanford professor David Stork. He had developed a lip-reading system for communication in noisy environments, such as an airplane-repair facility. If you could do it 15 years ago with workstation-class desktops, I suppose you could do it with a smartphone today.

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