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Comment: I can confirm this (Score 4, Interesting) 332

by Bowdie (#45573285) Attached to: The Quietest Place On Earth Will Cause You To Hallucinate In 45 Minutes

I had a go in the UK Plantronics anechoic chamber last year on a factory visit. They have a webcam, and an egg timer on the wall. It's not odd for people to weird out if they spend any time in the chamber. The (digital) egg timer was there so you could set it for 30 minutes and it would hopefully snap you out of any spin you got yourself into.

I was in there for no more than five minutes, and it was extremely disorientating. You really can hear the blood in your ears. It's very much like the sound you get from sea shells. I can easily imagine losing my shit in short order in there.

Comment: Re:"Secret" as in "well signposted"? (Score 1) 101

by Bowdie (#42690367) Attached to: Secret UK Uranium Components Plant Closed Over Safety Fears

I live around the corner from GCHQ in Cheltenham. It has signs on it saying something like "This is a secret building under the official secrets act, and photography of it is forbidden."

And there's one of those signs every couple of meters. I can't remember the actual wording, because well - I can't photograph it.

Mind you, both bing and google earth have wonderful close ups of this totally secret building.

Comment: Re:so who's already figured out.. (Score 4, Informative) 299

by Bowdie (#34980156) Attached to: Domestic Use of Aerial Drones By Law Enforcement

Holy shit. I just wiki'd EPFCG :

An explosively pumped flux compression generator (EPFCG) is a device used to generate a high-power electromagnetic pulse by compressing magnetic flux using high explosive.

An EPFCG can be used only once as a pulsed power supply since the device is physically destroyed during operation. An EPFCG package that could be easily carried by a person can produce pulses in the millions of amperes and tens of terawatts, exceeding the power of a lightning strike by orders of magnitude. They require a starting current pulse to operate, usually supplied by capacitors.

Like I say, HOLY SHIT.

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