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Comment: I was one of the happy customers. (Score 1) 82 82

We did get a letter about the security breach, and the offer for 2 free years identity theft protection, so...thanks, I guess? Nothing horrible has happened yet, but as far as I can tell, we don't really have any recourse other than sitting and waiting for bad things to occur. No actionable information provided.

The notice they sent us went out months after they found out about it. Which I'm kind of grumpy about, but at least to some degree makes sense. They don't want to go public with the information until they've locked down as much as they can.

One last gripe: the letter was mostly worded in the "protect our own butts legally and limit our liability as much as possible" sense, not the "we're sorry this happened to your personal information and we want to make it right" sense. Which, I mean, come on. This is an insurance company. That's literally what they do for a living.

Comment: Re:Attempting with existing title was a mistake (Score 1) 239 239

So far, Valve has become the biggest game distributor in the world by being greedy in ways that end up benefiting individual, common consumers. Their track record is far from perfect, but by and large that's why they have been so successful. It's disconcerting to see them poking their foot in the other greed pools, but if nothing else, they will keep doing The Right Thing (eventually) to try to preserve that image, not because they are glowing pillars of virtue.

It's been fun to watch them teeter about at the peak of their influence, making gradually larger political blunders. I'll be interested to see what monstrous misstep they make that finally wrecks their business. Anyone making bets on how many years out that is?

Comment: Re:Video Game Music (Score 1) 181 181

Well yeah. If you pick randomly from any genre or subculture of music, you're going to end up with unlistenable drek. If you choose something from the top 10% of game music, given an individual's preferences, you'll end up with something pretty good. Also just like any other genre or subculture.

If you've played the game the music is from, however, it might end up being distracting for different reasons. Music forms strong historical associations in our brains, second only to tastes and smells.

Comment: Re:Please... (Score 4, Funny) 61 61

"Honey, do you know where we put the city?"

"Pretty sure it's with the keys!"

"It's not with the keys!"

"Did you leave it in the desk drawer?"

"No, it's not there, either! You didn't leave it out in the Honduran jungle again, did you?"

"Try calling it!"

"I can't call it, it's an ancient abandoned city!"

Followed by half an hour of heated argument.

Comment: Good for them (Score 5, Interesting) 216 216

It's interesting to see how Valve his handling being the titan in the game distributors market for several years running. I know that not everything they do is best for the long term health of the industry or their consumers, but this deterring piracy on communication channels they sponsor seems pretty reasonable, and overall they've handled things quite well.

Maybe they can come up with a better way of dealing with it instead of just silently removing messages, though. Maybe wag a finger disapprovingly at the person sending the message and don't even make it look like the message got sent from their end.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.