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Comment CEOs stepping down (Score 5, Informative) 215

Protip: The CEO stepping down after a public embarrassment has never been anything other than a publicity stunt to save face. It does not represent remorse or an intent to change policy. At most, it means "we want someone who will do continue to do the same things we've always done but, somehow, will magically make these revelations stop happening".

I would be shocked if Biderman wasn't receiving a nice golden parachute along with it. Or at least silver.

Comment Re: Industry 2nd opinion (Score 5, Informative) 394

I used to work for a company that, in a roundabout way, presented advertising to consumers. And, I mean...yeah, of course they waited longer than 100ms for everyone to get their bids in.

What many people don't consider is that while the primary ad presenter is getting bids, many of those buyers are doing an auction to their own list of buyers, and some of those do auctions too, etc., etc. So a lot of those buyers would take longer than the time limit we wanted to come back to us, but they were usually some of our biggest buyers. The ones that didn't actually buy many ads would get discontinued, because we didn't want to slow down load time for someone that never actually won the bid. But the big buyers, we would generally loosen the time constraints.

The wording of the summary and article make it sound like the advertisers are cackling and holding up their pinky finger, smiting the populace with longer load times for the monies. The reality is that they aren't thinking about your load times at all, most of the time. You are the product. Load times really only entered the minds of business leaders when traffic volume was dropping.

Comment Re:Not if you email me (Score 1) 204

I think the idea is that the e-mail itself just contains HTML that makes a request to the Dmail server, and the server doesn't send back the actual message if it's been too long.

But yeah, that doesn't mean that the person can't copy/paste/screenshot something when they see it. It's self-destruct for the lazy/ill-informed.

Comment Re:It only works without humans (Score 1) 503

Love the analysis of how impractical Star Trek is.

On the scarcity discussion: I think my problem is that I don't see an end to scarcity of some things, even in a Star Trek world. Two great examples:

* Planets. How would we give one to everyone who wanted to own their own planet? Or solar system, for that matter. A single individual's inability to consume an entire planet's resources doesn't really matter in this case. Enough people want their own planet now; many, many more would want it in an absence of scarcity of other things. We are greedy beyond our ability to consume.
* People. Owning another person necessarily limits their resources to what you allow them to have. We've been doing that since the dawn of civilization.

Hopefully if we ever did get to that level of resources, our nature would have changed enough so we didn't get in our own way. I doubt it, though. I imagine we will always find something in limited quantities to fight and kill each other over.

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