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by BostjanSkufca (#31408738) Attached to: 8-Core Intel Nehalem-EX To Launch This Month

According to my server metric graphs the additional threads are only useful for WIO CPU states.

For example, on Intel 4core i7 920 processor, enabling hyperthreading impersonates additional four cores. But CPU utilization reported by metrics software shows that USR and SYS cpu times will only go up to 50% and WIO will add another 12%. This corresponds to having a virtual core used for waiting to IO stuff. Additional 3 virtual cores do not serve anything at all.


+ - Internet censorship proposal in Slovenia 1

Submitted by BostjanSkufca
BostjanSkufca (1596207) writes "Slovenian government is trying to introduce legislation that would make ISP-level filtering mandatory, all in order to prevent cash flow to international gambling sites without Slovenian gambling concession. Currently court order is required to enforce filtering, but this proposal would enable various government offices to issue such orders. National Assembly (parliament) already passed this proposal in December (none of the parliament members objected it, few even expressed firm support) but it was later suspended by veto of the Council of State.
Before this Slovenia had only single major IC incident. It was in 2003 when website became public and started serving leaked documents (including personal information disclosure) about Yugoslovan secret police operatives (UDBA: At that time The Office for Protection of Personal Data ordered ISPs to block traffic to aforementioned website. It was later proved that this order was in fact violating legislation of that time.

Google translation of article from Delo newspaper is here:"

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Mine were:
"Insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, love."

Why did I reply to the last one with "love" insead of "insect"? Well, after nine "insect" answers I thought I was going to be tagged as "not normal" if I only saw insects there, so I had to outweight the first nine answers :)
I didn't take the test voluntarily, obviously.

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Nope, a Slackware user, and on those servers I manage every software that interacts with external world (clients) is compiled from source as well as all the required libraries. But hey, I might be getting lazy just by not posting this from some Slackware shell telnet client, but from - you have guessed it - Ubuntu :)

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