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Comment Web traffic must be significantly compressible (Score 3, Interesting) 85

I keep hearing astonishment at how so much web traffic can be stored with relative ease.

Sure, it's going to be a lot of data, but a whole lot of that data is duplication, and where there is duplication there can be compression. And where it's not, even at level 6/7 you can identify significant commonality (facebook user home page) and simply store the delta.

It's not like they're storing every byte sent and received by every Internet user at all.

Comment Just another cycle (Score 1) 116

Just as the concentration of computer processing power cycles between the client and the server (could/network) so to does the length of time that consequences of your actions stay with you.

This is despite most developed countries having a concept along the lines of the UK's "rehabilitation of offenders" - the right to put your wrongs behind you and start again. We have now entered a cycle where that is not possible, because your wrongs are documented forever on the Internet.

And that will continue, until such time as we can travel faster than information.


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