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Comment: Re:"Something from Nothing" is not science (Score 1) 612

religion as a store of knowledge is extremely valuable. Theology as an intellectual pursuit is barren and answers none of the questions that science has so far failed to answer. This bickering over the word "nothing" is exactly the kind of nonsense that theologians get caught up in. The word itself is just a label. A good scientist understands that and no doubt the original papers don't use that word except as summary or shorthand for a more specific idea.

Comment: Re:"Something from Nothing" is not science (Score 1) 612

Of course physicists have box envy. They've been stealing sand boxes since the beginning but they're always taking more. BTW, pretty much everything was the domain of theology until science gets in on the action, then the theologians end up looking petty and unimaginative once we find out what's really going on.

Why are you getting all stitched up about the word? It's not like theologians have any good theory about how something could come from nothing, or even if that's a question that needs answering.

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"Underlying this is an assumption that reality is not itself mathematical. This assumption isn't justified."

Sure there is. There is no model that describes what happens. We do have models that describe precisely how bad our models are. Current theory is that we can't do any better than that.

OTOH, I disagree with the grandparent. Physics has informed a lot of new Math, and Math has informed a lot of new physics.

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