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Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1034

It is silly, but that's what it is. I'm not sure why there's a conflation, whether the misogynists labelled themselves as MRA or whether their opponents did.

The shifting of the meaning of labels is natural, and also a common and effective political tactic.

You can see this coming from the other side, too. Some posters up thread conflate the celebration of diversity at the Hugo awards with the "Yes means Yes" crowd.

Comment Re:Actually, the truth is somewhat different. (Score 3, Insightful) 1034

I don't understand the mindset that can't accept the fact that science fiction encompasses more people, more ideas and a wider audience than first presumed. It's antithetical to the precepts of the genre.

As an old white guy who grew up on Heinlein and Silverberg and Asimov and Niven and Pohl, it's been proved for decades that non-Anglo and female and gay authors offer something valuable and aren't just a side show. I don't know why anyone who calls themselves a science fiction fan would not want to celebrate that.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 5, Informative) 1034

Christian apologist is just someone who explains Christianity and why it's right and good. The term has a long history and is not usually considered derogatory. C. S. Lewis was a Christian apologist.

MRA means Men's Rights Activist. There is a wide range of MRA folks. Some fight for equality in child custody cases or domestic violence cases (there are a lot of men who get beat up by women). Some are just misguided weirdos who think women should hold the door open for men or something, and there's a bunch of horrible misogynists.

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