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Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 1) 467 467

"You start kicking out the undesirables and its like filtering the porn links out of google. "

Or maybe it's like preventing Reddit from becoming the next 4chan.

"You want to contain as many communities as possible under the same roof."

That's what *you* want. Reddit wants to make money. Obviously they need numbers, but they're also probably going after a particular demographic. They need high-profile AMAs, they need not to be embarrassed elsewhere in the media, etc. Relying only upon shaming and other organic defense mechanism is not going to cut it.

Comment Re:What a good day today is! (Score 1, Insightful) 467 467

"maybe the US flag is also racist? "

Maybe it is. Do you think so? The "don't tread on me" flag was raised by slave holders to fight other slave holders because they were getting taxed too hard. The confederate battle flag was raised by slave holders to fight non-slaveholders because those non-slaveholders elected a president who wouldn't let slavery spread into the western territories. The racism there is a bit more direct.

Of course the relationship between southerners and the flag is complicated, but whether the flag should be flown, or whether they should be proud of it is not complicated in anyway. The Southern states committed treason, started a war, and murdered hundreds of thousands of american soldiers. They did this because they saw the writing on the wall. They knew that without slavery's spread, the end of slavery was near at hand in the United States.

Yes, there's a strong heritage there. A heritage of a monumental mistake for an evil cause that lead to mass murder on an industrial scale. After 150 years of white washing in the schools, and speechifying, and saying "it's complicated", it's time just say what really happened.

Southerners don't think about it much because it's not talked about, but the North, from The great lakes east all the way up to Maine have their own heritage, too, and they have note forgotten it.

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