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Comment: Re:Safety valves (Score 1) 309

Point taken on property, but unlike other property where ownership is an inherent right, copyrights are granted by Congress to benefit society (talking about US here), and the terms of copyright are set by congress using powers laid out in the constitution. Would the Supremes interfere too much with this power?

If specific copyrights were wiped out using eminent domain, then I agree the owners would have to be confiscated.

Comment: Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 1) 309

Copyright is a restriction of freedom of speech. The livelihood of the artist is not the only consideration.

We don't need to guarantee that any particular kind of author or musician can profit from their work. Look at the amount of books and tracks produced at this time. This is the golden age of making it as an artist. I really don't think society would be hurt too much if our output was slashed by 50%.

Comment: Re:Considering the actual product as a side projec (Score 2) 217

"It's like they just spent the money without having a clue what they were doing."

Why would they? There's nothing in how Kickstaters work to make responsible action likely, even for projects run with good intention. Kickstarter is just another means to separate fools from their money.

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