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Comment Re:No (Score 3, Insightful) 607

Unions have been successfully neutered by the corporate party (all Republicans and half the Democrats). If they still had power, yes they could stop outsourcing.

The quality of programming coming out of India is improving rapidly.

"(software) products without revenue are built in India, products that make money are built in the US".

40 years ago, you could say "You can go to Japan to buy a hunk of junk, but quality cars are built in the US." and you'd be right!

Comment Re:I've been waiting for this! (Score 1) 257

Hold on though. If I don't actually look at my coin (leave it spinning). Isn't my friend's coin still spinning? Can't we tell that statistically?

Let's say we're firing off entangled electrons. We have a splitter based on the spin of the electron. We redirect the split electron beam at the same target. If our friend is *not* measuring spin with his entangled stream, won't our beam interfere with itself? Won't that interference go away if our friend starts to measure?

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