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Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 250

Guns are an exception. And Liberals don't really oppose guns, they just oppose commoners having them. They are all for guns when it suits them (police, military, elites with body guards etc.

Here's the deal, I'll give up my guns just as soon as the government gives up theirs. Not a moment before.

Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 2) 250

slashdot is overwhelmingly conservative.

If anything Slashdot is Libertarian. Pro Liberal social policies, pro conservative fiscal policies, with a fair amount of independent thought.

But I could understand liberals thinking /. is conservative, and conservatives seeing it more liberal.

But case in point, there are both liberals and conservatives that both support or reject it. Bernie Sanders isn't really conservative, but opposes TPP vehemently. As does Trump. Strange bed fellows indeed.

Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 4, Informative) 250

Sorry, I don't oppose TTP because of Obama. I oppose it because it is a secret deal, pre approved by the powers that be, and enough (D) and (R) supported it to make it bi-partisan. If you support it, not knowing anything other than it was "Obama says it will be good" then you are the real fool. I bet you'd oppose it if GWB supported it (all other things considered).

The fact is, the whole (D) good (R) bad (Or visa versa) is really getting old. And do not pretend the (D) don't do the very same thing. Blindly following your party is for Sheeple.

Comment Re:ooh, ooh, I know how to fix this problem (Score -1) 203

Your solution would be then ... RAISE TAXES, RAISE TAXES!

My cumulative tax rate is somewhere between 40 and 60%.

I pay income taxes 25% and 8%
I pay Property Taxes
I pay sales taxes
I pay gasoline taxes

If people realized how much in taxes they were actually paying, they wouldn't revolt. Luckily for the government, they hide taxes so you don't notice.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 4, Insightful) 348

What we need are rule in place that if you are applying for H1B Visa workers, you have to prove you have done qualified job search for the positions and found NO workers to fill them. Make the Corporations prove they actually need the workers before issuing a single H1B visa. Right now, they just say it, and it is so.

The problem isn't H1B visas, the problem is that we have record unemployment and are still importing workers from outside to take the jobs of those workers still trying to earn a living.

Comment Re:My first review of Julia Cordray (Score 1) 447

If it turns out that Ms. Cordray donates heavily to charities that help the poor, for example, that might be considered a libelous statement of fact.

Nope. Donating to the poor could simply be a means to court favor in public opinion. I can fully defend my previous claim "who cares nothing for her fellow humans" simply by pointing out all the reasons this is bad, and noting that no human being would be exempted, thus she doesn't care a whit about anyone, regardless of her donating however much to poor people. She cares more about making a buck than taking any measures to protect even one person.

Good luck winning a tort claim with that approach. And if she did sue me, I would use that as additional evidence that she doesn't care, by trying to squelch negative reviews, something she doesn't afford anyone else of in her approach, thus proving she doesn't care about anyone but herself.

Comment Re:This is only a problem.. (Score 1) 117

No, your "Capitalism at its finest" (sarcasm, I get it) was a swipe at Capitalism. On the other hand you have socialism at its finest, which you'll likely ignore. I'll take Capitalism at its finest over Socialism at its finest. Especially if the worst we can do is SPAM ourselves with click-bait advertisement sites on our cell phones.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 1) 444

For the past 50 years, Blacks have been a voting block of 90% for (D). In the past 50 years (two full generations) very little, if any, progress has been made. I've seen the "Black Lives" matter crowd, who seem to only defend criminals with racist (Its cultural) rants about their own people. It is as if they are saying "Black people are criminals, because they are black". The most racist comments are the ones that indicate that blacks cannot help themselves, and must rely upon the government to give them everything they need, because, well, they can't figure it out for themselves (more or less).

You see people who are actually trying to change the status quo, by giving black people the ability to leave their crappy lives behind, only to be shot down as "racist", indicating that blacks need to stay in their ghettos because well that is where they belong.

Just because something is cultural doesn't mean it is good for the people. Culturally, blacks are still enslaved by white task masters, who let only a few out on occasion when it suits the purposes of keeping the rest of the blacks enslaved to the status quo.

The most racist people I know, are black liberals who hate success using terms like "Uncle Tom" in attempts to drag black people back to the ghetto.

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