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Comment: Free TF2 = More TF3 Sales (Score 1) 195

by BorkBorkBork6000 (#36555484) Attached to: Valve's <em>Team Fortress 2</em> Goes Free-To-Play

It makes a lot of sense to give away TF2 for free to make the community larger. The larger the TF2 community gets, the better the sales for TF3 will be, whenever that is.

Hey, it worked for Portal. I missed the boat and never played Portal until I got myself a free copy from Steam the week they were giving it out. Result? I loved it and shelled out $50 for Portal 2 when it came out.

Valve has got some smart marketing people.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but where does this get ME? (Score 1) 973

by BorkBorkBork6000 (#33207942) Attached to: Abandon Earth Or Die, Warns Hawking

"Our old POTS (landline telephone) provider, Bell, has now mostly gone to pushing satellite TV, Cell Phone, and DSL. Sure they still offer regular phone lines, but from their commercials, you wouldn't know it. "

So you can't buy anything you haven't seen in a commercial?

Not only does Bell offer land lines, but resellers like TekSavvy offer POTS and DSL over the same land lines for cheaper. I pay $60 a month after tax for POTS and 5MB DSL (100GB cap).

Comment: Flickering multi-perspective scrolling (Score 2, Interesting) 80

by BorkBorkBork6000 (#33083098) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Street Slide Map UI

Did anyone else find the multi-perspective really annoying due to the flickering effect of constantly changing images when scrolling?

I don't think having the perspective view really enhances our understanding of the scene. In reality, it's just going to increase the bandwidth necessary to run this app.

It would be nice if there was an option, at least, to turn multi-perspective off and just see a blended mosaic of straight-on views.

Comment: Where will Gracenote get their lyrics? (Score 1) 205

by BorkBorkBork6000 (#15731450) Attached to: Music Industry Looking for Lyrics Payoff
So where is Gracenote going to get this big old database of lyrics? Are they going to use a web-crawler like other databases use to poach the lyrics off the 'net? Are they going to hire 10,000 people in India to listen to every song ever recorded and try to figure out what's being said? I highly doubt that record companies have got databases they'll sell.

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