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Comment Re:Ubuntu Bleeding Edge Features Ready for Prime T (Score 1) 744

I've been using Kubuntu Karmic since the beta, and it's been working fine for me. I've had precisely two problems: Slightly flaky sound (fixed by installing PulseAudio and using that as the default over whatever KDE defaults to), and the kernel bitching a bunch at me about having ECC disabled in BIOS (fixed by blacklisting the ECC modules in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf).

ext4 is fully mature--it's no more "bleeding edge" than the 2.6.28 kernel used in 9.04--but you can choose ext3 if you want, and if you're upgrading it won't in-place upgrade you to ext4. Grub2 was an interesting choice, though if you're updating from an older Ubuntu version, again it won't upgrade that for you. Grub2 works fine for me; it's just a bunch slower than legacy GRUB.

Comment Re:How about some nice menus instead? (Score 1) 617

You know, pull-down menus are pretty confusing to first-time users, too. Most people are smart enough to get the hang of them after a few hours, and don't even think about them after a few months.

This depends on how well the menus are designed, too. One quirk that's bugged me about Firefox for a long time: In *nix systems, the preferences window is called Preferences and is located in the Edit menu. In Windows, it's called Options and is located in the Tools menu. I know they're trying to emulate the paradigm that other programs for [Windows/GNOME/KDE] will also use, but that d'oh moment, when I'm telling my (Windows-using) grandpa how to change his home page and I tell him to find Preferences under Edit, is pretty annoying.

Comment Re:Linus (Score 1) 909

This sounds like another good reason to switch to BSD. Strike two linux!

(FWIW strike one is linux's sound architecture)

I think more than a few people would be willing to use BSD, if the driver situation weren't so bad for it. It's worse than the situation Linux is in, and Linux has some severe driver problems as well (just look at ATI video cards).

Dell Cheating on the Direct-Sales Model? 116

capt turnpike writes "Despite its CEO saying that the direct model is the company's 'religion', according to eWEEK.com, Dell seems to be moving away from direct sales and working with value-added resellers." From the article: "Still, 'they'll never admit it or make [the channel] a formal program,' said one analyst who asked not to be identified. 'If you look at Dell's stock versus HP's, part of the difference has to do with Dell's reputation for owning the customer. There's a sense they own the entire margin and have higher profits because they sell directly. It makes them appear more valuable to Wall Street.'"

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