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Comment: Oddly.. (Score 1) 254

by Bonzoli (#49749799) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Career Advice For an Aging Perl Developer?
I recommend learning Hadoop, learn how to make the filters/plugins work. Learn the setup and feeding of it, its taking off quite fast in the larger enterprises, we are finding it powering all types of analytical stuff and it pays well.
Perl isn't growing, its really useful but its not adding jobs. If your looking for adding jobs, puppet and chef shops are always hiring folks for deployment script programmers.

Comment: I know you spent years learning your skills... (Score 1) 248

Given that your over 30 and clearly want a living wage and a 40hour work week. We have decided to get an H1B visa worker in here to learn your job and move it to a communist country. There they work for rice and we only need to wrap nets around the building vs giving you a pay raise. Its what the stock holders want and of course I'll get a huge bonus for saving expenses for the company.

Hmm, Faced with this scenario, what smart American would want to be a Computer grad. Basically only the hardcore guys will want to suffer this, the rest will go on to a business degrees.

Comment: Re: Markets, not people (Score 1) 612

by Bonzoli (#49707737) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks
Perhaps 14cents an hour destroyed our jobs. Lack of regulation such as tariffs and protective laws. Please don't say over regulation broke anything. 14cents an hour and 0 care about cancer and environment in communist countries. Take your pick. I'd preffer LACK of regulations, all these changes were put in place for the benefit of a very few. Walton inheritors have the same wealth as 42% of America i'm told.

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 78

by Bonzoli (#49698323) Attached to: College Board Puts Code.org In Charge of AP CS Program
At some point you will stop being AC or be ignored. Right now you have not addressed the fact that these 2 fellows could easily fund a college say facebook college of programming or Microsoft college of programming, which would train employees in what they need, just like many industries over the years have done. Instead they are doing this crazy crap which is all intent confusing the market while they ask to pay people 10$ an hour or less while they make off with billions, not pay full taxes, avoid taxes such as MS lisc center in Reno, and overseas accounts. This is a many layered attempt to lower wages of American's, while convincing them its their fault for not being smart enough. I'm sure they justify this to themselves but its all about how much money flows to them in the end. Glorified Self interest with a marketing plan.

Comment: Re:We warned France not to follow our mistakes (Score 1) 195

by Bonzoli (#49628959) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law
The part where he was heading to Africa to join a war or the part where his friends parents shipped him to Paki to be indoctrinated?
I do not understand where you think the FBI harassed him into his state of mind. "Look at that shooter in texas - read his tweets and you can see how the FBI's harassment over the years drove him from a regular dude to someone deeply angry."
Makes no sense.
Btw, France has the highest illegal and immigrant population in current sand wars. And remember peace to some = Your all converted, do not confuse it with your western definition of peace.

Comment: Re:At the same time (Score 1) 323

Or you could be running a DR dos product or an Amiga without hidden loops slowing it down to match a PC crap speed for 4 years before being found by a PHD hobbiest. BTW MS was paid to write amiga dos.
Please don't pine away for the good times that never existed except in the paid for articles to promote MS and its planned marketing process.
Nor blame hobbiests for using software that they then took to work to solve real problems that made him the richest man on earth. They could have taken other software that exists if it wasn't broken intentionally.
Please go back and reread those 208 monopoly findings.

Comment: Most companies I know that do this... (Score 1) 636

by Bonzoli (#49584509) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers
Most companies I know that have done this, do not understand they are taking a 5 year road trip to mediocrity and fail. It takes about 5 years of breaking the cycle to fully understand what they just did to themselves. I'm sure some "MBA know it all", just got a huge bonus check and doesn't care because he is either retiring or moving on. Or possibly he is retiring and moving on in 5 years and just doesn't know it yet. Most companies bring in a consulting firm to help explain how best to accomplish this who also make a huge amount of money.

Comment: Re:Will Rumsfeld lose money? (Score 1) 630

by Bonzoli (#49563245) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame
Look up "how aspartame became legal" and Rumsfeld, perhaps find the time line also.
The original studies were not cited and all the FDA doctors were going to ban it again before being replaced by Reagan on request from Rumsfeld.
A president with failing mental capacity and memory. All types of crazy shit happened under him. Wait till we normalize relations with Iran and the West finds out why those 52 captive Americans didn't get released until the day after he was elected. If you have any sense you wont eat anything with aspartame, funded studies are fail, ask the Bee's or Climate change experts.

Comment: Re:Google: Select jurors who understand stats. (Score 1) 349

by Bonzoli (#49545553) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit
Young or Old, if they are willing and able to relearn their jobs every 2 years, then they are professionals. If not, they move to management or become bitter. Older people value their free time more because we understand, you do not get that time you wasted at work instead of with your child, back. They grow up and you get "Cat in the cradle" songs. Perhaps you will figure that out some day before its to late.

Comment: Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 622

by Bonzoli (#49531043) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs
Minivan with Car Topper and stow'nGo, gives lots of room for 7 and a 100 lb dog in the middle lane. Its not for Towing though, but MPG is much better than a TruckSUV spinnoff.
The primary reason SUV's are pushed is for profits, its 8k for an SUV and 700ish for a car after contracts at least a few years ago it was.

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 2) 209

by Bonzoli (#49530783) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance
The Real question is what is in these to politicians closets that they do NOT want someone(NSA) to accidentally slip to the press? That is the strategy of the NSA when they spot an enemy or a useful pawn.

That or they are the hidden beneficiaries via these hidden contracts to hidden purchases to hidden budgets for hidden agendas.

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