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+ - Is Google AdSense a Scam?->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "The owner of a small website is complaining that Google's AdSense program is a scam, since his account was terminated without notice or recourse for alleged abuse just prior to payout. Comments and feedback on this story across other news sites suggests hundreds or thousands of website owners have had similar experiences with AdSense. The real question is, if Google can track the number of clicks from a given IP address for purposes of detecting abuse, why not simply set a per-IP click limit and solve the abuse problem? Or could there Google have an ulterior financial motive for leaving the problem unaddressed and instead canceling accounts before making payments?"
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The Media

+ - Online Olympics Coverage - Good or Bad?->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "What do slashdot readers think about NBC's online olympics coverage? As someone without TV, I rely on the Internet for news and entertainment. When NBC promised comprehensive coverage of the 2008 games with thousands of hours of online video, I was thrilled. But the actual execution? Not so thrilling. Poor site structure, virtually non-existant organization of video clips, no rhyme or reason to which parts of events are filmed (Day 2 men's gymnastics has just a single 2.5 hour clip of highbar, 90% of which is video of the judges deliberating while the loudspeaker announces other events unseen in the background), missing or incorrect event schedule information, and of course we're stuck with Microsoft's Silverlight media player which works poorly in Firefox. Worst of all, the results of all the events are shown in the video descriptions so the whole site is one giant spoiler for every event. Is this just incompetence, or part of a strategy to make people continue to watch TV?"
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United States

+ - Interactive graph of average consumer spending->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "The NY Times has an interesting article with an interactive graph of consumer spending, compiled with BLS data and showing changes since last year. It's interesting stuff, and is sure to defy many of your expectations and, if you're like me, much of your personal experiences. For example, healthcare and rent both ring in at around 6 percent of average consumer spending. However, this may be more indicative of the flaws of simple averaging rather than using median and modal analysis."
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+ - Creative upset by modder's driver improvements ->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "Ars Technica is reporting that Creative is upset by a modder's improvements to their X-Fi drivers for Windows Vista. The company claims that "by enabling our technology and IP to run on sound cards for which it was not originally offered or intended, you are in effect, stealing our goods." Licensing software is one thing, but since when do companies get to dictate the terms of use for hardware their customers purchase? Will GM and Ford be telling me when and where I can drive my car next? WTF?"
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+ - Disney tries to silence damning study of Baby DVDs->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "Fark.com is running a funny story about how Disney CEO Robert Iger tried to silence a University of Washington study about Baby 'educational' DVDs by posting UW President Mark A. Emmert's letter of reply. Funny as this is, it's the study's findings that are striking: "The authors found a large and statistically significant reduction in vocabulary among infants age 8 to 16 months who viewed baby DVDs or videos, compared to those who did not view them." [emphasis added]."
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+ - Will Paper Batteries Power Next-Gen Gadgets?->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "A BBC article reports that, "Flexible paper batteries could meet the energy demands of the next generation of gadgets." Apparently, "the versatile paper ... can also double as a capacitor capable of releasing sudden energy bursts for high-power applications." The research team has, "produced a sample slightly larger than a postage stamp that can release about 2.3 volts, enough to illuminate a small light." Even more interestingly, "The flexible battery can function even if it is rolled up, folded or cut.""
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+ - GM CEO Bob Lutz says clean diesel is too expensive->

Submitted by Bombula
Bombula (670389) writes "In a video on GM's blog, CEO Bob Lutz says clean diesel engines, already widespread in Europe, would add $4,000 — $5,000 to the price of each car and are therefore impractical for the US market. He adds that emissions standards are more stringent in the United States, and that this is also part of the problem with switching to diesel engines. Given the enormous latent interest in moving towards biodiesel people are leaping to call BS on his statements, but is there any truth to them?"
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