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Comment Except for one problem... (Score 1) 57

...somebody is selling you a game based only on a list of components and a "theme". Except for a few that have been vetted by serious publishers, most "kickstarter" games I've played have been dreadful. Most should have been trashed after the first playtest. Many probably didn't GET a first playtest. Why bother, if everyone has ponied up their cash already?

Comment What portion will get it "free". (Score 1) 277

It seems that the author and /. still believe that hobbyists, pirates and hackers make up a significant fraction of the total number of PC users. Regular people and businesses buy new laptops and PCs all the time, and they will not be getting Windows 10 "for free". MS knows they will get just as much money, and probably save a bunch by no longer fighting with this comparatively small number of users.

Comment Re:Board games are forever... (Score 1) 171

There is another element of board/card/tabletop/etc gaming that can not be easily incorporated into computerized format - the psychological. Sure, you can play diplomacy by email, but it loses the element of lie-detection. There are other games, such as Battlestar Galactica, Werewolf, Coup, The Resistance, Liar's Dice, Skull & Roses, and Intrigue, where this is a major part of the game.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 3, Interesting) 116

Reading e-books two or three lines at a time on a 3.2-inche screen would turn anyone off of reading

I prefer to read on my phone over any other format. I can hold it and turn pages with one hand, and since only one paragraph fits on a page, I never lose my place even if I am distracted. I read MUCH faster on my phone than when reading from a paper book.

My current phone is bigger, but I read many books on my Iphone 3, with a screen size of only 3.5 inches, so I think the experience would be similar with these small phones.

And I am not alone, e-reader apps have always been among the most popular.

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