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Comment Re:Let's get this out of the way (Score 1) 447

Sure, if you personally break the law, then you personally are liable.

couldn't you make the case that it was an act of criminal negligence

No. Criminal negligence doesn't simply mean "they did something that upset people". What makes you think they are doing something criminally negligent? What are they negligent of, and what makes it criminal?

Comment Re:Source control? (Score 1) 88

I can't think of anything in iOS 9 that should have touched code like this, which makes me wonder about the state of source control.

Why? Source control doesn't prevent regressions. Besides, they've clearly been working in this area for iOS 9, see the new network extension points for example.

Apple have had a few regression-type bugs before which again make me think their branching/merging strategies may not quite be up to snuff.

This doesn't even seem remotely related to branching/merging. To be blunt, it sounds like you're just learning source control and are seeing it everywhere.

anyone know of a changed area in iOS 9 that would have necessitated playing with something like this?

Read What's New in iOS. They update it every time they release a new version and it describes what's changed.

Comment Re:Congratulations Apple! (Score 1) 191

You have finally realized that your touchscreen controller actually provides a pressure strength and are able to hype it up like it's revolutionary.

Right now, Apple haven't said a word on the matter, let alone "hyped it up like it's revolutionary". There is zero confirmation from Apple, this is just a blog article based on a rumour.

Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 1) 818

You fail to understand the difference between a legal principle, such as the First Amendment, and a moral principle, such as Free Speech.

I understand it just fine. The parent commenter does not. He was talking about outlawing the flag.

The First Amendment is a legal enactment of the moral principle.

No, if the First Amendment were a legal enactment of the moral principle you describe, it wouldn't stop at restricting the government's right to curtail speech. It would compel Apple to publish this material. It does not. Ergo, the First Amendment is not a legal enactment of the principle you describe. It doesn't go anywhere near as far.

Apple's suppression of Confederate flag, and Civil War video games, and silly TV shows set in the South, is evil.

Nobody has the right to force Apple to use their resources to publish material that they don't want to publish. And Apple choosing not to publish something is not the same thing as them suppressing it. You want the confederate flag, you can get it from other places. Free speech is not about forcing somebody else to publish your crap.

Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 3, Insightful) 818

This is a country founded on the idea of Free Speech.

Your country was founded on the principle that the government should not stop anybody from speaking. It wasn't founded on the principle that corporations must be compelled to distribute other people's material regardless of content. Apple are not obligated to publish this material.

Much better than outlawing their vile ideas

Nobody is outlawing anything. This is an example of a business choosing not to publish something.

Comment Ridiculous anti-Apple clickbait (Score 1) 110

Apple hasn't even achieved its primary stated goal of de-fragmenting the music market

Really? You criticise them for it not being a success before they've even launched the damn thing? No other company gets berated for not achieving its goals for a product pre-launch. This is just another of those bizarre articles that holds Apple to not just an unattainable standard, but a standard that doesn't even make sense.

Comment Re:Objective-C is now legacy - but not quite dead (Score 1) 337

Because the only way to support C in this supposed future where system frameworks will be written in Swift is that Objective-C will still need to be around.

That's not true. While it's possible to use Objective-C frameworks from C, in practice, nobody does this. People writing C for Apple platforms don't usually call out to Objective-C from C, they call into their C from Objective-C. Entirely replacing Objective-C with Swift won't change this - you can call into C from Swift just as you can call into C from Objective-C.

Now I think if there is ever a situation where Apple would drop support for Objective-C, I do think it's likely that they would drop support for C at the same time, but it's not because writing C for Apple platforms requires the presence of Objective-C.

Comment Re:80% is misleading (Score 2) 281

More specifically: if PHP is installed on a server, it typically advertises itself in the Host: HTTP header for every outgoing request, regardless of whether it was used to serve that request or not. Most other languages do not, even if they were used to serve that request. The tools that perform these language surveys can't adequately control for this, so it leads to a phenomenally large overestimation of the usage statistics for PHP.

Comment Re:PHP is great (Score 2) 281

There are a lot of PHPisms I have grown accustomed to, that I would really like in [Python]. Namely, I want var_dump.

You can do far better than that. If you use a tool like the Flask debug toolbar, you can jump into an interactive debug session, running on the server, right from your browser.

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