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Submission + - Can Slashdot Share User Statistics on Mod Points?

An anonymous reader writes: I've been visiting /. off and on since the 90s (though I lost an account and started over about 13 years ago). I'm trying to discern whether it's my imagination, or whether the sniping and trolling is getting worse. It occurred to me that Slashdot may be able to track how many "moderation" points are being used to send comments to -1 as a possible indicator (though not proof) that there are more trolls about. Or the percentage over the years of comments posted "anonymously". And what are the demographics for posts from Europe, Asia, etc? What's going on Slashdot? Is the neighborhood getting a little seedy?

Submission + - New Mini Ice Age coming?

Bodhammer writes: The current minimums in sunspot activity may be leading to a new ice age such as what occured in the 17th century says Shrinivas Aundhkar, the director of Mahatma Gandhi Mission, Centre for Astronomy and Space Technology in this story in the http://timesofindia.indiatimes...
"The Sun, our energy source, goes through phases of violent (maximum phase) and quiet (minimum phase) activity every 11 years, which is called one solar cycle. The effects of minimum activity of a solar cycle are seen for about a year. However, it has been revealed that the minimum activity was seen for more than four years in the recently concluded solar cycle. Thus, it was the longest and quietest minimum phase in the past 100 years," the scientist said.

Maybe this will give humans enough time to address issues such as deforestation and carbon emissions.

Comment Re:not enthuisastic about this (Score 5, Insightful) 262 262

we already have it in the form of everyone with a cell phone camera. if anything remotely interesting in public happens, 5 or 6 people are filming it and its uploaded within the hour and mirrored forever beyond any possible take back within a few hours

To bad that didn't happen in Ferguson, huh?

Comment Re:not enthuisastic about this (Score 0) 262 262

Answer, because the Feds make it a Federal Civil right issue for propaganda/political reasons. Either way, cameras or not, the taxpayers are going to foot the bill for their own loss of of rights, property, and freedom. Though body cams should help the individual, they are selectivity being used to increase state power.

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