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Submission + - Net Neutrality struck down by Court-> 1 1

Bobfrankly1 writes: An appeals court stuck down the FCC's net neutrality rules basing their decision on the FCC's choice of classification of broadband carriers stating: "Because the Commission has failed to establish that the anti-discrimination and anti-blocking rules do not impose per se common carrier obligations, we vacate those portions of the Open Internet Order."
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Submission + - Are programmers responsible for the actions of their clients?->

Bobfrankly1 writes: Robert Stuart and his company Extensions Software are being charged by New York authorities, claiming he is promoting gambling in New York because of the actions of his clients. They are charging him after he rejected a plea agreement that would have him plead guilty to lesser charges, adding backdoors to his software, and using said backdoors to gather details on his clients and their customers.
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Submission + - California Sex Offenders get Support from the EFF-> 2 2

Bobfrankly1 writes: The EFF sued to block portions of the approved Prop 35 today. Prop 35 requires sex offenders (including indecent exposure and non-internet offenses) to provide all of their online aliases to law enforcement. This would include e-mail addresses, screen and user names, and other identifiers used on the internet.
The heart of the matter as the EFF sees it, would be not only the chilling effect it would have on free speech, but also the propensity of these kind of laws to be applied to other (non-sex offending) people as well.

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Submission + - Spam King escapes from Federal Prison->

Bobfrankly1 writes: The FBI, IRS, and the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force are helping the U.S. Marshals search for escaped "Spam King" Edward "Eddie" Davidson. He apparently jumped in a car with his Wife, changed clothes at home, and hasn't been seen since. Maybe he's planning to buy back his gold coins...
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Submission + - Flash Exploit in the wild->

Bobfrankly1 writes: "The chinese version of the MPack exploit kit has added an exploit that allows injections into third-party sites to redirect targets to malware-laden servers. The ISC and Securityfocus are reporting seeing this happening in the wild, and Adobe has acknowledged (not confirmed) the report and state they are looking into it."
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Submission + - Wii get Opera update

Bobfrankly1 writes: "That flashing blue light on your Wii is Nintendo's less annoying way of shouting "You've got Mail". There is an update to the Internet Channel, boasting faster load times, and new on screen navigation ques that make it easier to browse a large webpage. It is an actuall update, so you will not lose your settings from the previous Internet Channel. They are advertising the internet channel as being available for free until June 2007."

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