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Comment: Re:Why are taxi drivers all so horrible? (Score 1) 295

by Bob_Who (#48598495) Attached to: French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

It is what happens when you live in a country of a billion people, full of the worst poverty you have ever seen.
If you have a job, you are fucking thankful, even if it is the worst job you could possibly imagine. It is better than living in a god damned junk yard looking for scrap metal. It is all in an effort to try to pay off the huge investment the rich white guys made in the plates.

I just don't know whats worse anymore.... carrots or sticks? Maybe I could eat the sticks and whack things with the carrots.

The fact remains that I believe that incentives have everything to do with the way people function. You have illustrated how these incentives play out in the taxi business. Not unlike the comedy TV Series, folks of all types understand that arrangement, and travellers come to expect it.

But this is just more of the same old paradigm of the wealthy getting the serfs to start hopping. Whether slave, indentured servant, day laborer, refugee, disabled, unemployed, prison camp labor, minimum wage employee, intern, apprentice, work study student, migrant laborer, mercenary, etc its all the same: we can rely on desperate people begging for some improvement, no matter how slight. I really believe you're right about certain cultures being more willing to enter these arrangements, albeit, even their religious faith is accepting of the extreme disparity of social classes, and kiss that rich man's ass like a cherub....

Bat make no mistake, that is not going to be a good business plan in the long run. Its worked for centuries, but it leads to a lot of anger and destruction, and frankly, there are just too many people on earth these days to keep up this sort of arrangement.

I do know that everyone deserves a decent living. The people with taxi shields, as well as those without them. The people all need a livelihood, whether or not market economies provide one. We as people need to acknowledge and deal with the people that don't thrive in the economic system that serves many, but not all. And if we don't make that a priority and figure out how to do it then I'm afraid we're doomed to suffer. We're all in this ship of fools, and ultimately we all sink or swim. How we come to terms with Uber, and every other iteration of this very issue, must be done carefully. Ultimately, we need to all share what goes around in this world of scarcity.

Or else the folks with all the cash are gonna get as scarce as the royalty that once ruled...

Comment: Good use of excessive wealth (Score 1) 235

by Bob_Who (#48566889) Attached to: James Watson's Nobel Prize Medal Will Be Returned To Him

Human achievements are not always very well enumerated in a paycheck or in business sales revenue.
Its good when the folks with piles of cash can pay it out to others who have done great things. The money seems to generate so much attention that it illuminates the recipient's good work. I humbly request piles and piles of cash so I could give it away to some peeps, that full time.

Comment: Re:What happens in Thai Hotels stays in Thai Hotel (Score 0) 85

by Bob_Who (#48545699) Attached to: North Korea Denies Involvement In "Righteous" Sony Hack

Sony (the electronics firm) is in death throes and the last time they turned a decent profit is when Dubya was pumped for a Middle East invasion. Samsung alone makes more profit in a quarter than Sony made in the last decade.

My point exactly.

Sorry to be obtuse, but my writing lacks the sardonic tone insinuated in the subtext. This is a response juxtaposed to the stupidity of accusing North Korea of the attack. If we're going to accuse a Korean rival of Japan, South seems more apropos because they in fact are beneficiaries of Sony's ebbing market dominance.

And yes, this too is stupid. Just like the other stupid. Stupid jokes for stupid folks. Geez, that went over like a lead balloon.

My sense of humor was way more appreciated when Sony was king, last century, before /.

Comment: What happens in Thai Hotels stays in Thai Hotels.. (Score -1) 85

by Bob_Who (#48545405) Attached to: North Korea Denies Involvement In "Righteous" Sony Hack

Unless, of course, you are David Carradine, in a pine box, wrapped in a wire coat hanger.

Thailand's international tourism trade of sinful delights and medicinal therapies means that the hotel attack could be from anyone from anywhere under the sun.

Its an all access, multicultural, public venue this is available to just about any business class passport holder on planet earth, regardless of their particular predilections or perversions, ulterior motives, shady dealings or illicit appetites.

So in other words, its probably a criminal or spy or government operation. North Korea is unlikely, but South Korea seems an obvious choice since they have the most to gain from Sony's market share.

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