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Comment Just wait until this is the good old days... (Score 1) 165 165

It could be worse, you could be vested in their pension program. The fact is that human beings are not well equipped to manage 7 billion human souls on earth today. The economics is too complex and dynamic for our mammalian lives and tribal clans to fully conceive. Even IF everyone was fair and agreed to a system, it would likely fail to function for very long before short stick ends were everywhere. Perhaps the idea that there are perhaps one billion jobs for seven billion people should be a clue. The fact that half of those are not profit driven is the next clue. There will never be enough money around for society to be smooth and steady for long. If money is what we lack, then everyone is poor. We need to learn to exchange a little more social currency, because central banks will always be hoarders. Quantitative easing is a numbers game, but its hardly sufficient at building highways or educating brain surgeons for very much longer. My point is that, yes you're absolutely right, it ain't like it was, and its not even close to how you think it might be. Its a dynamic force that is frankly getting to be too much to manage without tremendous flexibility and open mindedness, until we simply surrender to nature. Nature is, after all, where this all started. Human nature may be where it stands, for the time being. Like in Cairo, Athens, Rome - the Golden Ages come and go. The Empire must be getting a little week at the knees if they outsource IT.

Comment That's why he gets paid the big bucks (Score 1) 173 173

He makes sure that nobody else gets the big bucks, whenever possible, and he is accountable to the corporate entity, not to the society from which it resides.

Corporate interests care about the education of people that they need to yoke. Shareholders are the only citizens that really matter to a corporate charter.

Lawyer speak with forked tongue, as usual.

Comment Re:homeowner fail (Score 2) 536 536

... hm... my next home purchase might just have to have a conditional clause that if I can't get broadband, the deal is off...

You know, like how you can back out once you get an appraisal and learn that there are termites.

That's right. It's called a "contingency" - it's a rider on the contract. All contingencies must be addressed to close escrow.

Disclosure of all facts (such as no broadband available) must be clearly stated by the seller or else there are grounds for a lawsuit, should an unhappy buyer care to waste even more time and money in court.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha....But Wait! (Score 0) 129 129

I was thinking just about the same thing.
Why don't hackers call their projects "8d 7d 6c 05" or "33 02 ba 9c" in source code constants?
Why would they even include any non-essential things in the code at all?

Remember nimda virus ? (thats admin backwards)

  NIMDA was a polymorphic plague of a virus that hit out network right after 9/11/2001.

It would write itself all over every file on the disk drive until the drive was full and everything came to a screeching halt. It exploited the NT web service that was active by group policy default on client boxes with NT and or Win 2000. Anyway, our software engineers looked inside the Nimda.dll and there was some jihad "Death to America, Death to Israel" crap commented right into the file!!

I'm sure that was the NSA's earlier work, as they took over most domestic networks just to be on the safe side....

Comment Who would have guessed male dominance? (Score 2, Insightful) 356 356

After all, traditional marriages are arranged by the parents, per dowry arrangements and negotiations. Parents of the bribe, I mean bride, must pay life's savings to marry off daughters. You must avoid getting stuck with feeding her and her illegitimate children for your entire life. If you can manage to marry her off, then even if her husband dies first, the custom dictates that she must throw herself on her dead husband's burning corpse as part of the ritual funeral ceremony, If he can't feed you you're better off burned alive then left over to the throngs of dudes. Many female babies seem to suffer greater mortality for some reason that defies standard statistical deviation....

The longer the title, the less important the job.