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Comment: Another Mickey Mouse operation (Score 1) 660

by Bob_Who (#48883905) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

You can't immunize employees and expect them to be cured of regular paychecks. The only withholding should be employee benefits, salary and morale. If you treat them like people their sense of self worth is inflated, which can be epidemic and highly contagious. Must neuter the anima-tronic flesh-bot slaves, its as simple as ABC and corporate slave policy.

Comment: Re:Flocks of starlings (Score 1) 81

by Bob_Who (#48883359) Attached to: Quantum Computing Without Qubits

Unless you can make an observable difference between quantum mechanics and your alternative idea, then it is not science.

Not to mention it is really easy to be an armchair physicists when you just throw out ideas with no implications thought out, let alone quantitative implications that physics is now built on.

So that must be The Quantum of Solace ... its just like armchair quark-barking

Comment: Amsterdam is a very smart city already. (Score 3, Interesting) 16

by Bob_Who (#48742531) Attached to: Inside Amsterdam's Efforts To Become a Smart City

Amsterdam is a wonderful city for so many reasons. The intellectual, creative, and entrepreneurial capacity of its citizens and visitors has been apparent for centuries. This particular project won't influence Amsterdam's reputation much one way or the other.

My observation is that there is very little response from the slashdot community on this particular topic. That might be an indication that many slashdotters have not had the opportunity to go there.

It is true that back when I went, last millennium, marijuana was not legal in the US and the Bulldog Cafe's world renown was a great enticement to the land of orange, while in Europe. That reputation was never one of great intellectual value, and perhaps neither is this story. Nevertheless, I encourage every geek or non geek to make it a priority to burn some jet fuel and get your ass over to Europe and spend a few weeks with a first class Euro Rail train pass. Its way better for you and your intellect than a new car, and you will be a better, smarter person as a result of the experience.

If you can't manage to go at this time then try to appreciate the geek perspective of dutch sensibility in Teller's film "Tim's Vermeer"

Amsterdam is a very smart city, and you should see it and think about it if you can!

Comment: 75% Accuracy is touted on Slashdot (Score 4, Insightful) 106

by Bob_Who (#48742267) Attached to: European Researchers Develop More Accurate Full-Body Polygraph

I have a dowsing rod with better accuracy. My coin flip is 50% accurate. But lets convince everyone here that our standards for the truth are low enough to buy a bunch of polygraph apparatus that is 75% accurate, because technology is just not good enough to get to the truth. The truth is, this is totally stupid.

Comment: Oil prices loom is more like it... (Score 5, Interesting) 265

by Bob_Who (#48663111) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

Too bad we're not big importers of Borscht.

Its interesting how "economic sanctions" are no match for an OPEC decision to increase production. Even at lower prices with increased U.S. production and fracking, they did not waiver at market price. This will eventually hurt everyone who invested in shale, back when the market was twice the price. The middle east continues to be able to pull oil from the ground for about one half the cost...maybe even less. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but it seems the oil has been the biggest stick there is when it comes to economic pressures. It sure is a lot easier to shoot down air traffic over the Ukraine when oil is pegged at $120 a barrel. Now Putin is gonna be happy just sipping the borscht and saving the warfare for summertime, perhaps.

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