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Comment: Re:If this gap exist... (Score 1) 96

by Bob_Who (#48473279) Attached to: UK Announces Hybrid Work/Study Undergraduate Program To Fill Digital Gap

Why is the government trying to help get students educated in CS. if this gap really exists then why don't I have a job in this field, I have an undergraduate degree, and the skills needed.

You're not supposed to ask that question. What are you, a communist? You might as well put insubordination on the resume. You should change your name to Mr. Smarty Pants. Radical Hippy Stoner Face experience.

Comment: Repo Man (Score 2) 96

by Bob_Who (#48473247) Attached to: UK Announces Hybrid Work/Study Undergraduate Program To Fill Digital Gap

I love how the say they'll subsidize two thirds the cost of a tuition that they just tripled in recent years. I think its also crap how you can buy an imported car at times with nearly 1% APR, but an education that does not depreciate or get repossessed must not only accrue ridiculous finance fees, it now must also involve indentured servitude. The slavery might only last for a few years, but the loan will stay with you longer than you'll remember the curriculum. And that's how the smart and successful people channel their ambitions: serving master. Its a deal with the devil in the details. Slavery doesn't just grow on trees, ya know.

Comment: Looking for Answers in the Debris (Score 0) 119

by Bob_Who (#48473167) Attached to: Australia Elaborates On a New Drift Model To Find MH370

Maybe they shouldn't assume that it is debris. Its in one piece perhaps.

Also its a government gig.

This means they can spend forever using resources and personnel on this task without having to be accountable for the worthless results. In fact, their incentive is not to find it, else they'll have to go back to work doing the really important stuff: floating around in circles, looking at nothing, and taking orders all day. Furthermore, If they really wanted to find it they'd be looking near Bermuda, not Australia. How can we take them seriously if they're ignoring the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans, and the Bermuda Triangle.

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by Bob_Who (#48455201) Attached to: Raspberry Pi-Powered Body Illusion Lets You Experience Parkinson's

I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this...having witnessed the sad progression of that disease second hand, it is not something that a sane person would want to experience.

You're right. This must be spin on a screw up.

They were most likely working on multiple orgasms and got this in error.

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by Bob_Who (#48455065) Attached to: Internet Voting Hack Alters PDF Ballots In Transmission

Clearly, this would never happen outside of an academic setting. Who would bother?

Does it matter, who?

The outcome of elections are worth billions to vested interest groups. $4 billion was donated to candidates and PACs in the months preceding the election on November 4th. Many, many, people would "bother".

The point of the question "Does it matter who?" is to point out that the outcomes of elections are worth billions to vested interest groups, and that $4 billion was donated to candidates and PACs in the months preceding the election.

So from here, it looks as if you think you disagree with someone with whom you actually agree.

Mod Parent Up !

Comment: Funded with advertising... (Score 0) 106

by Bob_Who (#48408147) Attached to: NYC To Replace Most of Its Payphones With Free Gigabit WiFi In 2015
Why does corporate pimping continue to be the dominant paradigm for creating private funding revenue for free public services? And why does it continue to work so effectively? I am convinced that nearly anything that is advertised to me is shit I don't need, for prices too high, with money I don't have. Perhaps that's the catch: If you have the money you'll happily spend it on overpriced crap you don't need, because with wads of cash you don't need anything. Including Free Wi-Fi. Ah the conundrum of consumerism...

Comment: Re:Comcast tried to steal $50 from me (Score 1) 223

by Bob_Who (#48382355) Attached to: Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising
So, in other words incentives have a function in business. As you state, we get good results from good incentives and bad results from perverse incentives. When you arrange to reward conflicting interests then unfairness results. The cluster-fuck arrangement that covers the administrative costs of the rebate, in part, with the "unclaimed" rebate pool will ultimately rip off consumers. Everyone else upstream is already paid, but the customer must play musical chairs in order to grab what is left over. This is fundamentally a bullshit arrangement for the customer who does not receive the price as advertised. More lucrative still, this arrangement creates a slush fund for the issuers that only reconcile what they acknowledge. Otherwise the customer defaults, by default. Perhaps the results speak for themselves: pissed off customers. This may not hurt the manufacturer, but someone is paying the price. I won't buy anything that involves rebates again, so it is no longer an incentive to get my business. I hope that $25 was worth it, its the last you'll steal from me.

Comment: Re:DuPont only cares about the money (Score 1) 377

by Bob_Who (#48381567) Attached to: How 4H Is Helping Big Ag Take Over Africa

These are GMO, they are Hybrids, " focus their efforts in assuring that they monetize" Do you think farmers worked for free? "even at the cost of others' lives or prosperity." absurd. " When you put more effort into sterile plants" They aren't. "that require chemicals" Name a plant that doesn't require chemicals. " towards nutrition and human survival" this is about nutrition and human survival.

" DuPont's Napalm sales " so you are so factless you need to do ad homs, and non sequitors.

Do you think farmers worked for free?.

Farmers have been working for a living for thousands of years. They never before needed to consult with geneticists to fully understand the ramifications of buying seed that has been modified to produce sterile seeds and thrive with proprietary chemicals developed solely to control the crop and extort the farmer with costs that eventually put them out of business. This is not how the crops behaved in the past, and DuPont sure as hell did not clarify that fact to a subsistence farmer with no education.


Absurd? So you think its reasonable for Africa to enter into untenable contracts with foreign interests who want profit and do not care about the difficulties to pay. These farmers will likely be driven out of business so foreign corporate interests can take over their land and agriculture. This is about power and money, not about feeding people.

They aren't..

Yes, they are. The development is not accidental, it is their business plan.

Name a plant that doesn't require chemicals..

No plant needs a DuPont chemical except for these. They are specifically developed that way. DuPont intends to make crops dependent on their chemicals. Once again, these intentions are not fully comprehended or disclosed. Poor Farmers in third world nations are no match for DuPont, they certainly should not be controlled by them.

this is about nutrition and human survival.

Don't be naive. DuPont is about profit. If they just want to feed people then why develop proprietary plants and then charge 10 times the already high prices? The Farmer's margin for profit is now all for DuPont. But when there is no rain, too bad for the farmer. DuPont will be happy to auction the land to another Farmer that must bear the burden and risk for their "enterprise".

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