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Comment Re:What happened to diversity? (Score 1) 412

A highly curated community of like minded individuals sounds like the opposite of diversity..

You can be as diverse as your income class allows. Money is always an effective filter prior to implementing less acceptable standards of prejudice. If you want real diversity make one unit available to the homeless, another for elderly, etc.

But that's no fun for neo-yuppies.

Comment Re:(Video) Not Available in your Country (Score 1) 63

Well, at least this illustrates how inadequate human procedure can be when it comes to the free flow of ideas...er....I mean intellectual property... If history (aforesaid "reality") resembles previous works involving language on media, then commercial and legal interests shall have license to subvert their transmission to the populous. This, of course, is for the common good, of the few. Those who may benefit must pursue it, and retain it, as if it were a commodity with strict rules of exchange.

Charles Dickens may have been paid by the word, but he never paid his royalties to the the King's English. All legal and commercial arrangements are an impediment in fact, but they are nothing more. One way or another, if its expressed, then its reproducible and eternally subject to all forms of exploitation. We can pay to save a little time, if we opt to, but they can't take it away even if they think they own it. Eventually, our silly customs will subside or take new form and elaborations of human nature in its various forms.

But Boole and Turing, like genius of any age, will live on in one form or another. The rest of this nonsense is simply that..nonsense. And nonsense is a silly long term business strategy...unless you're Mother Goose or a Jabberwocky, or a Legislator.

Comment ...but they don't have funding. (Score 1) 188

Its not a plan unless they have a budget.

Perhaps the Feds should figure out what to do in case of catastrophic irrelevance, political expedience, and an inability of government to do anything according to plan or commitment to the desired outcome. Its another attempt at "set it and forget it" disaster preparedness that serves to do little in case of emergencies.

But it's a start.

Comment It's not a flaw, bug, or vulnerability. (Score 1) 17

It's a feature. But it looks just like a flaw. Its easy penetration functions to lower the demand on customer service by making it easier for newbies to configure throughput. These folks usually don't notice the flaw in the security, however. Those who do notice vulnerabilities in most all networks are simply paying attention. The details of reality imbue a false sense of security as we imbibe the rivers of denial. De Nile is not just Da River in Egypt.

Comment The Prophet Carlin (Score 1) 262

I paraphrase St. George:

People, in general fall into one of three categories:

Full of Shit

All three can defeat a polygraph, any day of the week. So it really doesn't matter what or why or how the results fail to express the truth. If you're stupid, crazy, or full of shit, the truth is not a matter of objectivity. It is ludicrous to assert that subjective phenomenon could quantify any measure of truth or objectivity. This might be why the FBI's reaction demonstrates the immaturity of bed wetting or a toddler's tantrum.

Truth and Lie Detection fill diapers. The is no point in eating shit to understand it really tastes bad. Truthfully Quantifiable, nuggets of truth are turds. Bubble gum may be shallow, superficial, and candy coated, but eating shit is not insightful contemplation or a very wise taste of truth detection

Comment Back handed advertisement.... (Score 1) 275

Worse still for Assange is the knowledge that this news story only acts to promote Herrods...

If you are a tourist in London and have any interest in Julian Assange, he's easy enough to find across the street from Herrod's!

Now they are using him as a commercial billboard, which really adds insult to injury.

Comment Re:He didn't take them out of the labor force (Score 1) 293

Poor health did. All he did was pick up the slack assclowns like Scott Walker left with their right wing blather so we didn't have 2 mil new homeless.


There is a difference between causing problems and ignoring them. There are those who do something and those who do nothing but blame. its a whole lot simpler to blame victims than it is to help them. Anyone can do that, even a majority - but it just won't help the situation one bit.

Comment Re:Baby Boomers have been the disaster. (Score 1) 293

If you had been born a little later we would have been much better off, but you'd lack some experience.

If it were as easy to fix as it was to point the blame the world might be perfect.

Nevertheless, I do respect anyone who can survive 86 years, in spite of their baby booming offspring.

Perhaps less is more after all.

Comment Re:Baby Boomers have been the disaster. (Score 1) 293

Half a century ago, it would have been unimaginable for an entire generation to have been given so much, yet to have turned around and systematically squandered and destroyed it. But that's exactly what we saw the Baby Boomers do!

Pot, kettle black.

Yes, its true that life as it is can be blamed on the living.

Silly mortal.

It is your destiny. - Darth Vader