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Journal Journal: PvP advert a bonafide hit!

The ad I placed on PvP was extremely effective - the hits for the last few days have been nothing short of amazing. Hopefully more readers will now be exposed to the exploits of Bob Weiner and his family. Plenty more goodness coming soon - just happy about this milestone. :)

User Journal

Journal Journal: approaching 450...

The 449th toon is currently being worked on... one more to go before 450 installments of the PC Weenies has been completed. And to think, it only took me the better part of almost 5 years to get here.

Have improved lead-time on publishing toons over Spring Break. Currently working on 'military' inspired 'toon which I hope to release next week. Classes have started yesterday -- should be off to a flying start this weekend. Hit-count moderate -- need to find ways to build traffic on site either via word of mouth or advertising.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: more PC Weenies news...

reached another milestone a few days back -- have added some new graphics to my site, along with some new wallpapers. Traffic seems to be doing well, thanks to a recent plug in HardOCP. The first animated PC Weenies cartoon, also at the site, was received well -- marking the first time that a web comic has been translated into a 3D short. I plan to crank out another 10 comics over Spring Break in an attempt to build a good back-log of 'toons.

Who needs sleep? :)

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