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Comment: Re:The killer application (Score 1) 230

by drinkypoo (#46838491) Attached to: Consumers Not Impressed With 3D Printing

Think of all those small and not so small little bits of plastic that you have to pay for through the nose when (or should I say, as soon as) they crack. On your car,

This is precisely what I want to 3d print. My Audi A8 has these stupid little plastic widgets between servos and vent doors that always fail, and indeed they all have. And you're expected to buy whole servos. Bullshit!

On the other hand, I can probably make a serviceable part out of Aluminum on my drill press, which is a big bastard with a tilt and rotate table and a 5/8" chuck that I got for $100 at a yard sale...

Comment: Re:Vive Vacation Vic! (Score 1) 55

by drinkypoo (#46838481) Attached to: Google Plus Now Minus Chief Vic Gundotra

My daughter has removed every hidden tick from every hidden box she can find on G+, but every personal photo she takes on her Nexus 5 ends up straight away "shared".

Amusingly, this is a feature which defaults off. She asked for this. Now she can't figure out how to turn it off, and Google is the bad guy? Maybe the apple just doesn't fall far from the tree.

Comment: Re:The difference is Cost of Living (Score 1) 191

by Mooga (#46821097) Attached to: Tech People Making $100k a Year On the Rise, Again

I think the truth is that most people don't actually foresee buying a house any more. I know many professionals in the Valley who still live with their parents because it's cheaper than dumping half their paycheck on an apartment. Most people also end up with several room mates. 100k sounds like a lot until you take out taxes and 2k a month for rent. Plus, if you want to be social, you can't eat out for less than $25 a meal. And those are the cheap places. Other required items are also much more expensive out here. Many professionals sacrifice a LOT to live in the valley. Making 100k doesn't hurt, but all that means is that when your TV breaks, you can buy a new one without having to worry about eating. You are still stuck in renting hell. You are still living month to month, just with a little extra money in pocket.

Comment: Re:electric golf carts (Score 1) 204

Also keep in mind that net or gross wasn't mentioned, and in reporter-speak '4 tons' could be anything from 3-5.

The only weight that is valid when talking about vehicle weight is the curb weight. Anything else is just jerking off. Of course, this is modern journalism we're talking about...

Comment: Re:this is why I leased my Leaf (Score 1) 192

by drinkypoo (#46814349) Attached to: Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

The oldest Leaf is like 3.5 years old now. How could you possibly know that the suspension will require a rebuild before the battery goes?

They didn't just pull this battery chemistry out of their assholes, you know. And the suspension isn't based on new principles either, which is my point. They know that rubber bushings will fail. They also know that polyurethane bushings won't (unless subjected to the kind of abuse that would certainly obliterate a rubber bush) and that's why they don't use them. And by "they" I mean automakers, not Nissan.

The cars are designed to be cheap to build, easy to put together, difficult to service (small and inexpensive changes would make service vastly easier on most vehicles) and guaranteed to disintegrate. Cars are just made to fail, and they're made that way on purpose. We have better designs and/or materials for pretty much everything which does typically fail, which simply aren't used. EPDM breather hoses crack and fail, silicone will last damned near forever anywhere but on the sleeve directly connected to my turbocharger. There's a plastic coolant tube between the engine block an the oil cooler on the A8, about two inches long, which always breaks. There's just no reason for it not to be made of Aluminum. Thousand dollar service job to have the oil cooler pulled out. None of this is by accident.

Personally I'm hoping by the time my leaf lease is up, there will be a Tesla model that has the same sort of affordability, as they do not have a dealership network to try and support with these sort of shenanigans.

No, but you do have to pay your yearly contract fee to Tesla if you want to maintain your warranty.

Comment: Re:I am confused on this issue (Score 1) 309

Now, what if Joe Smith from Arkansas is sitting right next to OBL building IEDs?

You've caught him red-handed. You have plenty of evidence to show that he was in fact actively aiding the enemy. Take a picture before you shoot him, for fuck's sake. Indeed, your gun should do that automatically. What fucking year is it?

Now, lose OBL and it's just Joe the Terrorist from Arkansas in an Al Qaeda camp?

Well, how do you know it's an Al Qaeda camp? Seems like while all this intelligence-gathering has been going on, you could engage in some legal process.

It's supposed to be difficult and expensive to kill people. Ideally, you come up with some other solution to your problems. You're supposed to think, hmm, war is hell, so I don't want to actually come to that pass. How can I avoid getting there? Instead, it has become due process is expensive, so how can I avoid it?

Comment: Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 309

Bullshit. The so-called "drug problem" is 99% caused by prohibition itself [citation needed].

As an anonymous coward, there is no "you", and so "you" don't get to ask for citations, because you don't exist. You do, however, get to provide your own citations which contradict any and all of their points, and then it's up to them to provide citations which contradict theirs. Simply saying "citation needed" when you don't even have the courage of convictions needed to associate your demand with an identity is, for lack of a more accurate term, a complete bitch move.

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My guy? Who said Obama is my guy? I am only pointing out that people who are up in arms about what he is doing were, for the most part, completely silent when Bush did it.

Well, I for one was vocal about Bush, and I was vocal about his father, and I am vocal about Obama. I'm just not as vocal as some of these guys.

What I'm frankly tired of is people who act like the president is the problem. He's just one little piece of the problem. Just one man. He reads from the script like everyone else.

Comment: Re:Who cares what PETA says (Score 1) 204

Frankly, I am surprised they garner as much attention as they do.

They had to resort to taking advantage of naive young women and locking them naked in cages on public streetcorners to remain relevant, so I consider them to be broadly considered to be a lunatic fringe group. Slashdot just likes to mention PETA because froth.

Comment: Re:Animal rights? (Score 1) 204

Funnily, they send the horses to the slaughter in mexico which has zero standards on how the horse are to be treated.

Or they're slaughtered by Mexicans living right here in the US of A. They seem to be willing to mob up and buy property together. We've got several such settlements in my neighborhood. All clean and orderly, no problems. The biggest messes and the most visits from code enforcement are from/to an old entitled white guy who's the scion of one of the old families here.

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