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Comment: Re:is the USB 'bug' fixed, at this point? (Score 1) 77

I believe the BBB cpu is 64bit

The processor in the BBB has a Cortex-A8 core. It's nicer than the processor in the RasPi in just about every way, but still only 32-bit.

I installed SlackwareARM on my BBB; I don't really think 'port' is the right word to use, as all I really did was compile a kernel. And even then, I could have copied one from another distro...

Comment: Re:Never mind the Steambox ... (Score 1) 106

by BobNET (#44948657) Attached to: Boot To Zork

Thanks! I agree about the coolness factor. (The Pi is easier to obtain now, but maybe in 35 years a working one will be more interesting.) The only reason I have the VT101 is because a friend, who was working as a research assistant at a university at the time, cleaned his office and left it sitting in the hallway to be trashed before I saw it and asked if I could keep it.

I should install SIMH on the Pi and get Adventure and Dungeon running in something resembling their original forms. Plus it would amuse me to have a DEC mainframe emulated on something smaller than a hard drive, attached to a real DEC terminal :-)

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