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Comment: Re:Customer service? (Score 1) 860

I fly once or twice a year, I'd prefer to be seated first, get comfortable, and not have to worry about everyone else (and not fight for overhead space). In business or first class, people can easily get by you if they are in your row and you were first. I don't think I'm in the miniroty there, as most first class and airline club members seem to enjoy being first. First class and business seats are also more comfortable than anything in the boarding area, and you often start getting service immediately.

Comment: Re:Strawman argument (Score 1, Insightful) 458

by angel'o'sphere (#47545887) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

What exactly does 'abusive' mean when a european kernel crafter is accusing a 'free speech' american compiler crafter that his compiler is utter shit?
Either the compiler is 'utter shit' and the accusation is a fact and proclaiming so is free speech or it is not, then it might be considered 'abusive'.

Comment: Re:if you looked it up, you'd know (Score 1) 99

I know how carbon dating works.
And rest asured the carnon dating of animals living around Fukushima womt be affected by the desaster.
In 10,000 years their remains look exactly the same regardless if the disaster had happend or not.

Hence: the one who knows nothing about carbon dating obviously is YOU.

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I'm not an expert on female genital mutilation, but certainly the problem is not 'wide spread through the middle easts', that is simply nonsense.

Some anti 'east' propaganda of the US? Sounds like it, could not win the wars and now they spread this bullshit?

Since thousands of years this is a practice of african tribes, and now suddenly in the current 'conflict situation' people claim it happens in islamic / persian / kurdish as well? How should that even be possible? Kurdistan is thousands of miles away from the regions in africa where this is common.

The masters, the slave owners, the conquerers adopt a 'black' custom? When should that have happened. Thousand years ago when the middle east still raided africa, or just recently when it fit into anti islamic propaganda? How should that have happened? They hate their custums and look down on it but incorporate FGM? Sorry that asumption is retarded and only shows that the west has no idea about the Islam and no intention to cooperate with their culture.

Comment: Re:maybe (Score 1) 367

a) this is a wikipedia article, which makes it not really reliable
b) regarding Iran and Iraq they especially mention the Kurdish parts.
That is nonsense, why should kurds mitilate their females? Neither are the Kurds particular african nor particular anti female nor paticular islamic. Sounds like anti kurdisch propaganda to me ... I know plenty of Kurds in real live, many live in germany. I doubt there are such cases at all.

Comment: Re:already done (Score 0) 99

With 'natural' radiation people obviously mean background radiation.
Not C14 or other minimal intake.

Comparing the 'natural' intake of C14 and other elements 'in a normal' amount with the levels in Fukushima makes you a moron.

Sigh, and then you bring up flight exposure to cosmic rays and compare it with Fukushima chemical elements ...

Cosmic Ray != radioactive iod or caesium ... go back to school or shut up, moron.

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Yeah, 10 Meg isn't tremendous, so a Tor exit is probably as good as you can get. It's too small for a mirror host or a torrent seeder.

I'm assuming you're unwilling to incur 95th percentile charges on your burstable. Tor allows easy bandwidth limiting right in the .conf.

Still, that's only one machine - 10 meg is easy to saturate.

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