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Comment: Family histroy more accurate (Score 1) 176

by Bob54321 (#29830639) Attached to: 100,000 Californians To Be Gene Sequenced
I do not think that anyone has pointed out that even with samples sizes that big, we can only figure out the genetic architecture of complex disease to an extent that makes it no better than family history for predicting disease. In fact, I hazard it will still be an order of magnitude worse. Obviously, the researchers did not point that out to the health insurance companies paying for it because I am sure that they will still find many interesting things.

Comment: Unlikely... (Score 1) 98

by Bob54321 (#29073933) Attached to: Chinese Clinic Uses DNA Tests To Predict Kids' Talents
We do not know enough (or anything for the sceptics...) about the actual genes that control these traits, so I doubt this test is any more efficient than just examining the parents phenotype and predicting based on that. In fact, given they are stupid enough to think they can predict better, they probably are doing worse...

Firefox Beta Scores 93 On Acid3 Test 282

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the scored-worse-on-meth2-test dept.
CodeShark writes "Mozilla released their latest Firefox 3.X beta today (3.5b4), and increased their score on the Acid 3 test to 93 [on my XP laptop], with tests 70, 71, and tests 75-79 being the final challenges. Curiously though, the current release of the top Acid3 performer — Safari — still not only rates higher (I got scores of 99 once and 100 most of the time) but is usually faster by a little (1.1 sec avg. vs. 1.4 over ten runs apiece) but only because the new Firefox beta was all over the map — frequently better by 25% (.85sec) or tanking badly with rendering times in the 2.5 — 3 second range, and both suffer performance hits on one test (#69)."

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